Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Despite Reduced Cases Health Minister Warns That COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Over

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Asserting that many people may believe the COVID-19 pandemic is over, Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste has warned that it is not, despite reducing cases.

“We see a reduction in the numbers but I continue to be very concerned about COVID-19. As you know, most people are recovering but we continue to have the spread of the COVID-19 virus and what is important is that we obviously would need to find ways of living and working with COVID-19,” Jn Baptiste told reporters on Monday.

He also spoke of the need to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

“Many people may think the pandemic is over, but the pandemic is not over. COVID-19 continues to be of serious concern,” Jn Baptiste explained.

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He noted that there are aspects of the disease that people need to discuss even more, including the fact that many people who have had the virus are now exhibiting certain ailments and concerns.

The Vieux Fort North MP disclosed that there would be revised protocols in the coming weeks as the country lives with COVID-19.

“You will see protocols that will change the quarantine measures and so on, so definitely there will be some major changes but we have to continue to be careful – be on our guard, get vaccinated and continue to protect ourselves and our families,” Jn Baptiste said.

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  1. Just a reminder: Pfizer documents the FDA wanted sealed until 2097, are being released today and WHO negotiates a ‘Pandemic Pact’ in Geneva

    WHO Pandemic Pact negotiations

    the WHO will be negotiating a Pandemic Pact in Geneva today that allows WHO to override a nation’s constitution during a pandemic.

    The agreement is backed by the Bill & Melinda-Gates Foundation and US billionaire Marcel Arsenault, who announced in autumn 2021 that he would support global pandemic prevention with $200 million.

  2. We will not get to zero. The vaccination rate is not likely to climb to over 70% of the eligible population. The current injection and hospitalization rate is low. It is time to reduce and modify restrictions. The visitor requirements can stay in place. People need to take responsibility for their health and safety. We need to return to our way of life.

  3. “Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s Invasion, the UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England

    The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms deaths are rising dramatically among the triple vaccinated population whilst declining steadily among the not-vaccinated population in England.

    With the most recent figures showing the fully vaccinated accounted for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths over the past month; and the triple vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 of them. ”

    Now you see why they are distracting you with that “war”. Thankfully, the majority of our population was smart enough to not fall for the fear p0rn. I feel sorry for the 30% who did. I pray for those people who donated their bodies for Big Pharma’s enrichment. Nobody will save you if it hits the fan.

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