Saturday, August 13, 2022

Desruisseaux Teenager Reported Missing

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Desruisseaux teenager Haillie Davy has been reported missing by her family.

A family member said individuals last saw the 16-year-old on Sunday at about 4:30 pm in the community.

According to reports, she was wearing grey Corinth Secondary track pants and an off-white spaghetti strap vest.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts can contact the nearest police station.

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is also investigating a report that fifteen-year-old Darlene Daniel Piltie of New Dock Road, Vieux Fort, is missing.

Darlene Daniel Piltie

On its official Facebook page, the RSLPF said Piltie was last seen on Friday, March 4.

If seen please contact the Vieux Fort Police Station at 456-3905, 456-3906, and 285-2146 or the nearest police station, the Facebook post said.


Headline photo: Haillie Davy


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  1. With heart 💔breaking :
    Lord,we pray together in unity, for you are not a God of disorder, that those who are not with you is against you that you have no pleasures in the wicked, those who walk in the dark and has light, whithout hope and whithout God in the world.
    Lord,our resuests and prayers for the youngsters reported missing, whose parents are in great despertion and fears for the lives of their daughters.

    Remember those parents with favor,O God,, bless and comfort them in this difficile time,a burden for the weary.
    Compassionate God :
    You who brings back those who are held in captivity,stored in secret places as a treasure of the darkness, as a produit and marchandise ready set for exilés for a distant land.

    O LORD, there is no other god besides you that can ‘substain’and rescue them from those who held them in captivity. May your hand held upon your children,keep them safe,subdue and strip your children out of the hands of their evil and wickedness,and bring them back.
    For you are a God who accomplish all that pleases you !

  2. WTF is wrong with some of us lucians the two teenage girls are missing obviously they parents are concerned… all the police asking is to be vigilant and if you see them call the police otherwise keep y’all negative energy and no help comments.

  3. Apparently you own this website? Everybody is free to write their opinions here, people like you come here to read the comments and judge what they say like they pay you to then you curse curse swear swear, really shows the kind of person you are and by the name you put for yourself… you didn’t understand what I said cause you are very illitrate.

  4. Where is my comment. I only spoke about our insensitive and hypocrite nature. Didn’t bring in any politics.

  5. Lucians really need to stop pointing fingers & assuming what went wrong . You cannot help just shut your moda cont . The “adults” that think they’re so grown are committing the same mistakes from years ago . Nobody’s perfect . Before a child go missing , she at a man home , she this she that. Apparently is urll man or father they going behind ? Smfhhhh. Lucians only like to pay attention/ take action to things when it reach it limits . It’s never before .

  6. What’s going on where did we go wrong a lot of ccrimes has happened and still going on and now people are going missing PM u need to a dress the nation and send out a warning to does who are committing these crimes and have not been caught their will be no stone left untrune

  7. All of y’all are hypocrites, y’all go watch y’all badboy boyfriends date underage girl, curse them up for “cutting style” and threatening them, literally holding them up in the night so much to the point where women are afraid to walk at night.

    And the first thing y’all wanna play on the radio is “gunman in she hole”

    Look at other cultures, look at how they are disgusted by this behavoir but here?? We acting shocked and playing blind when we see the people doing it.

  8. I also begged to differ that in St. Lucia the situation at home and the predos who pray on them, the coin flip both ways because you know why? Parents are not being realistic and sometimes over harsh on their kids, how many males are also suffering in this same sexual trafficking scheme and you know who benefit…. very very big wings, they operate several stores in castries, drove around and sell things under the pretext of suit case now knows as bus trading. I have personally discovered the frustration of young parent happen to be mostly females who want to have freedom but when they are intoxicated they let anything go this is why i begged for the domestic violence act to be neutral and not just for one gender. I want her to return home please…

  9. There is a lack of sensitivity towards missing person in St. Lucia especially young under age girls. Because it is etched in the minds of many that these girls are on flirting spree which might be totally wrong.

    Our history is not kind to us either .The many who has disappeared and reappeared after the family members solicit the help of the public takes the posture of a monk who has taken the vow of silence. We only hear person A or B has returned and nothing more.

    Which in my opinion is total disrespect to the public you begged and welcomed their assistance.

    Lack of proper communication and transparency is hurting many aspects of society.

  10. Most times when they find them they were by their “man” didn’t come back immediatly fearing their mother/father give them licks. These a different case? I beg the differ

    • Stfu! We’re always so quick to think missing girls go at their men home. Y’all did the same shit when Crystal St Omer went missing and she turned up dead. This is the 3rd missing girl all around the same age. Pray nothing has happened but stop with the at their man home story.

    • Stfu! We’re always so quick to think missing girls go at their men home. Y’all did the same shit when Crystal St Omer went missing and she turned up dead. This is the 3rd missing girl all around the same age. Pray nothing has happened but stop with the at their man home story.

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