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Dhanpaul leaves Royalton citing ‘amicable’ separation

Andre Dhanpaul has left the Royalton Saint Lucia Resort and Spa where he served as General Manager, telling the Times that he will be  concentrating  on running two companies he and his girlfriend own in Saint Lucia.

“I wanted a little more balance with my family – I need to stop traveling, you know, ” he said.

He said he left the resort two days ago.

“No, I wasn’t fired,” he said in response to the question of whether he had resigned or was told to leave.

“We separated amicably,” Dhanpaul told the Times.

Prior to becoming General Manager at the Royalton, the veteran hospitality industry professional was Regional Director for the Eastern Caribbean for Sandals.

In the business for some 28 years, Dhanpaul  also worked in Jamaica as General Manager for Sandals Negril, Sunset Negril and Beaches Negril.

He owns a luxury villa at Cap Estate and an excursion company that is due to start  here on April 10, 2017.

Dhanpaul’s departure from the Royalton follows the recent official opening of the US$250 million resort.



  1. Its a little hard to imagine that after 9 short months Mr Dhanpaul would hold such a key position and suddenly ‘leave amicably’. There’s more here than meets the eye. I am saddened to hear of this, but I am also worried. Andre Dhanpaul has invested in St. Lucia, as well as helped hire many locals at Royalton, and you can’t help but wonder if he was used by this large hotel. It takes my mind back to what the lady from the Hotel Association, Caroline Troubetskoi I think her name is. I remember when a story ran a few weeks ago where she warned of the behavior of some of these large hotels.
    I wonder what is the fate of the staff there now. Are we seeing the real face of the Royalton?

    • True colours of our investor!! Pretty soon staff will be sent order for them to employ and bring down their own people for permits are probably well on d way for approval..!!! Revenue for the country or someone else..?? Hmmm!!!

    • So do I.
      I hope Royalton has not used the man to get staff from his former workplace and then cast him aside. Is this the true colours being shown by our famous investor?

  2. Look he may just to rum his own business for now and focused on his family.
    Is there anything wrong with that.
    There comes a time in life u want to b ur own boss .??
    All the best to u sir and ur companies

    • Maybe. But let’s see who takes over his job.
      And considering the head of Royalton flew down here personally, and drag him into a meeting for hours (people talk) – and then give instructions for a final check to be ready – me think it wasn;t so amicable at all.
      The walls have ears, especially the one he hired …..
      The truth shall set you free

  3. Give me a break! Those in the industry know better. His replacement out of Cancun is already in place. The truth is Dhanpaul did not bring anything to the job and his dismissal was on the cards two weeks after he was given the job. Management said he was laid-back and lazy.

  4. So how come he just come to Saint Lucia and he already have a luxury villa and an excursion company? Saint Lucia seems to be the land of opportunity for foreigners and investors whilst the locals crying for jobs and local businesses closing down (or are being acquired by foreigners).

  5. Lucians are a useless people who contribute nothing but cry about being poor when in fact most are lazy and uneducated. Try holding a job down instead of whine and cry. Worst culture ever


      • You know it to be true. Lucians are generally lazy. All the hardworking or smart lucians leave to live abroad where they don’t have to put up with all the local negs. All the black or Lucian run hotels pay wages and shut down after a while. You have nothing to be proud of. (Word deleted)

      • Lucianboy, Salop is very correct in what he’s saying.

        And the TRUTH is exactly what WE Lucians need. However they do say the TRUTH hates.

        Lucianboy, did say “most” implying that he wasn’t generalising.

        Just so you know, I am a born and bread patriotic St Lucian.

  6. So true this expatriates cone to st lucua ina blink of an eye already own so much there are qualified st Lucians capable of undertaking his job doing a much better job..Its sas sad the good old days of the hotel industry is no more. You get expatriates bringing in their own staff and st lucians are given the minimal jobs with no advancement no opportunities.I knew this was the fate of the hotel sector users..St lucians dont have a strong voice to oppose this radical movement in the hotel sector. You get political figures getying paid in all the dirty filthy bribes poor st qualified st lucians have to settle for scraps.Where do you find st lucuans going to jamaica and holding a prominent post owning property investing in theur island its unkown of..but you find Sandals can bring it a manager in kess than 2 years already own so much its sad i dont care how you look at the picture its a sad state of affairs gripping the island.We open our arms and legs to quick fir this foreign scams who come exploit us never have our interest at heart they get married grt a st lucian passport and they immediately bring in their entire family and friends..I hate to see this i remember my days in the hospitality sector there was the saying it will never be the same again as its a dying breed we will get exploiters racist who will take over we st Lucians will be a puppet in our own backyard is reality today gone are the dats of halcyon and cunard..Its all a papaishow (Word deleted)

    sign of

  7. Maybe his businesses- the luxury villa that’s being rented and the excursion company provided a conflict of interest given that he is the GM of a luxury resort. Maybe he is being truthful in saying it was amicable .Maybe he was informed he couldn’t be the GM while having these types of businesses. It would have been very easy for him to pad his own pockets by sending Royalton guests to his businesses. Just maybe that’s the real reason, and not something more nefarious.

  8. I believe the local are to busy minding people business while the same person business they’re minding is moving forward we have to now think of our selves, our people what is going to happen to them after leaving other jobs to go there and provide service to them will they be treated the same way i hope labour department officers are taking note ,this man dunpual has made himself in our country, God knows who he used to get there ,now the table has turned karma is a bitch.

  9. Who cares. I am just concern about the average employee. The gentle man is a business man as he said.

  10. Govt should have a policy whereby if any foreigner wants to set up shop here, beit hotel, supermarket etc 60% of staff MUST BE local. In so doing you ensure your ppl are gaining employment at different levels.

  11. I hope immigration officers visit this hotel soon to detain tge the Jamaican security guards employed there without first obtained work permits. There are sufficient persons on island capable of producing this service.

    • How do you know the Jamaicans hasn’t acquired working permit from the company that they are working with? That’s the thing with some of u all Lucians u like to stray away from the topic that’s intended, u mention that they are sufficient persons on island capable of producing the service. Where are they? When your all in fact lazy and some cant even read and write well, when another country men come in you complain stop sit back and watch what others are doing and focus on your all self. We are one Caribbean people.

  12. I’m guessing it’s down to the bad reviews on TripAdvisor, many of which are blaming bad management for the poor check in/check out process and a lack of staff training. There’s also the bad press the resort’s getting from that infamous viral video.

    Dhanpaul might not be the one to blame, but as General Manager, he must take responsibility.

  13. folks let’s look inward.
    In trinidad and jamaica and barbados you have dozens of schools that provide 6th form access – and then easy access to degrees. we have one in st lucia! how do we compete with the rest of the caribbean in an environment like that. at least the employees in sandals get access to the company university. i have never seen any other employer do that.

  14. I was recommended this blog via my cousin. I’m no longer sure whether or not this post is written by him as nobody else realize such distinctive about my trouble. You’re wonderful! Thank you!

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