Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Did The Department Of Planning/ DCA Give Permission To Block Public Lane?

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By Victor E. Girard (For Justice and Equity)

Before the 1948 fire, which ravaged most of the Town of Castries, a street known as Bourbon Street ran from Brazil Street to Jeremie Street.

With the rebuilding of Castries, the William Peter Boulevard was included and this necessitated cutting through Bourbon Street at its northern end but public access to Jeremie Street was maintained with a lane from the Boulevard.

For the purpose of this article, let us call it Bourbon Lane for I cannot recall it ever being named.  J.Q. Charles had a business on both sides of Bourbon Lane, a supermarket and a hardware on the other side.

As a consequence, the citizenry moved freely from the Boulevard to Jeremie Street since the reconstruction of Castries for over 60 years.

Recently, a new building was erected on the property which was previously occupied by J.C. Charles on the Southern side of the lane.  The business owner has decided to block access through Bourbon Lane.

Upon enquiry I was told Planning gave permission for the blockage.  It boggles the mind why DCA should give permission for the citizens to be deprived of a convenience they enjoyed for over 60 years and if no such permission was granted, why the Planning Department did not stop the erection of the wrought iron fences with gates which restricts access.

This aberration did not only restrict public access, but it also deprives one or two street vendors who operated there.

It is not too late to redress this unfair treatment of the public and I hope DCA does so with utmost urgency.

Is this society becoming an unjust and inequitable one?  For whilst the illegal structures of the street vendors, which obstructed the free flow of pedestrians on the City sidewalks, were being removed, a business man was allowed, simultaneously to take over a public lane preventing the public to use it.

It would seem the law is applied with full force where the proverbial small man is concerned and a blind eye is cast when it is the big business man

Are the Government agencies and officials taking a cue from the powers that be who pay scant regard to the provisions of our Constitution, our Laws and our Conventions?


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  1. When there is lack of info the people decide to talk all forms of crap. There was only one vendor going into the lane and if you go and ask him and he wants to share then he’ll say that he has been offered a booth that has been built within the lane. Now for the lane being blocked off I for one don’t want it but it makes perfect sense to me when you have NASTY, SENSELESS AND NON-RESPECTFUL LUCIANS using it. The businesses within the lanes might be food booths and everything else now imagine leaving this place opened and unsecured with the likes of those I mentioned above? Human shit, dog shit, used drug paraphernalia, used condoms, the scent of urine and all the other crap they already do all over Castries. The owner spent money to beautify his surroundings and wants to keep it that way so he took his measures now all we have to do is make sure that the public gets to use it during the regular hours during the day once these hours have elapsed then the gates are closed. And by the way the only people who used these lanes during the night;y hours are the same set of people mentioned above doing all the crap anyway so he’s right lock them out. NASTY AND FILTHY NIGHT CRAWLERS without any respects for people’s, government’s and public’s property. When we learn to appreciate beautiful spaces and things then we can be trusted with them but until that time things have to be forced on us. Now please leave emotional thinking away from things and think RATIONALLY because we are hindering development with all of this EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT to things.

  2. And at the same time they want to break down buildings to make green space. When our streets are being taken away from us. I suspect this green space isa plot to sell this land in a couple years. They are just afraid of the public backlash if it is done immediately.

  3. These pedestrian ways belong to the CCC. They must have leased it to the owner of the nearby building for money. The mayor seems intent on just making money to enlarge his pockets. It is indeed a spatial injustice!

  4. The government is business oriented not people oriented. Poverty is truly a crime and a sin. When you are poor you get the worst treatment. You are disrespected, scorned, ignored, ill-treated, and regarded as a sub-human being. This particular government runs rough shod over poor people. They are a bunch of elitists.

  5. yes writer, let them tell us why there are 2 laws in this country, one for the poor and one for the most fortunate?

  6. It dawned on me the last time I tried to access that place, saw the steel gates open once and thought they gave back access to the public. I share ur concerns on this, it’s about time ppl be treated fairly. The vendors were literally thrown off the side walks. The little man’s voice is seldom heard.

  7. While we are at it with this fiasco which is deplorable, it is rather stupid to block the main thoroughfare coming into and exiting the city of Castries by the market every Saturday evening through the night to have vendors so called BLOCO.
    It snarls traffic through the smaller streets with no accommodation for emergency vehicles, container cargo, heavy duty equipment to move freely from the north to the south or vice versa, all for the sake of chicken and rum disorderliness.
    This venue could be moved to Jn. Baptiste Street in the blink of an eye and it would not have any major effect for moving into and out of the city.
    What is happening there is like a blocked artery in a heart and causing a major heart attack, I implore you please Mr. Mayor let good sense prevail and relocate this drunkenness ASAP.

  8. Planning department only there for those who have money bending the laws for them. Whilst they stump on the poor who try to make a life for themselves.