Diplomats Walk Out As Venezuela Hits US In UN Speech

UNITED NATIONS, United States (AFP) — Several dozen diplomats walked out from the UN General Assembly Wednesday to protest a speech by Venezuela’s foreign minister, who denounced US calls on the world body to recognise opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president.

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza took the General Assembly rostrum in the name of the Non-Aligned Movement as part of a special UN session devoted to the value of multilateralism.

Walking out were between 30 and 40 diplomats from the Lima Group, the coalition of Latin American nations and Canada that have nearly all recognised Guaido and declared the leftist Nicolas Maduro to be illegitimate after widely criticised elections.

In his speech, Arreaza accused the United States of wanting to “impose a dictatorship” at the United Nations through its “blatant attempt to expel or withdraw recognition of the credentials of member-states with full rights such as Venezuela.”

“This is discriminatory and unacceptable,” he told the session, in which the United States was not participating.

US Vice President Mike Pence traveled earlier this month to the United Nations where he denounced Maduro as a  “dictator,” part of a US push for the world body to recognise Guaido instead.

Venezuela is facing the worst crisis in its modern history with inflation expecting to soar a mind-boggling 10 million per cent this year, contributing to a shortage of basic goods that has caused more than 2.7 million people to flee since 2015, according to the United Nations.

Iran, another nation under heavy US pressure, also appealed at the UN session for more multilateralism.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denounced the “unlawful, unilateralist policies” of President Donald Trump, ranging from withdrawing from a European-backed denuclearisation deal with Iran to threatening the International Criminal Court for taking up accusations of war crimes against US troops.

“To defend multilateralism, it is imperative to deny the US any perceived benefit from its unlawful actions and to forcefully reject any pressure it brings to bear on others to violate international law and Security Council resolutions,” Zarif said.


  1. The truth always hurts. I guess there was something in that speech that affected those hypocrites. Viva Maduro the democratic elected president. **** America

  2. Those jokers create laws and break these laws when it suits their greedy agenda. All politicians need to burn in hell

  3. US are the biggest hypocrites complain Russia interfering in their elections when they have done the same for decades. Why is it always Countries with large Crude Oil reserves they want to “FREE” …. think about it.

  4. Democratic elections in RUSSIA
    Democratic elections in North Korea
    Democratic elections in IRAN
    Democratic elections in CUBA
    Democratic elections in VENEZUELA
    The day this happens in any of these countries,we the people that live in free countries,will be able to celebrate,the freedom of all those opresed that live under these regimes.

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