‘Dirty White’ allegations being investigated

Abuse  allegations made by Hanson James alias ‘Dirty White’, are being investigated.

The disclosure has come from National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis.

‘Dirty White’escaped recently from Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) and was recaptured.

He  claimed  in a telephone interview with  local television after his recapture that abuse at the prison pushed him to escape and continued after he was caught.

The inmate used a prohibited mobile telephone to call the TV station from the prison.

“I have heard about  some of the claims made by the escapee,” Hermangild Francis told reporters.

Francis said as a result of the claims he has instructed the Police Commissioner to send a high ranking police officer to deal with the matter.

The Minister disclosed that the officer has since interviewed ‘Dirty White’and is compiling a report.

Francis said it was the first allegation of abuse that he has been informed about at the BCF.

“For you to say it is a trend you need to show me the connection that makes it a trend,” he said in response to a reporter’s assertion.

“Dirty White” had been on the run after he escaped prison  by jumping the prison’s fence, while on cleaning duty.

The inmate was serving time for stealing and gross indecency.

He had escaped prison previously and it took the authorities two days to recapture him.