Disappointed With COVID-19 Testing

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Dear Editorial team,

If I may use your paper to express my disappointment with all this Covid-19 testing.
I am a tourist here is St Lucia for a month now and would like to visit the neighbouring  Islands while here.
If I want to visit  SVG, I have to covid test myself first before I leave the island and then get another test when entering SVG.
Why is the one test not acceptable?  Does one island not accept or trust the other island’s testing methods?
If the islands want people to move and visit different islands , I suggest the Caribbean bubble countries should get their heads together and sort this  out.
I can’t see why one test done in one of the islands would not be acceptable in all the neighbouring Islands.
It would make visiting the islands less expensive and encourage tourists to visit.
Mike Hogan
Rodney bay.
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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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