Distraught father speaks about deceased son

A distraught father has described his deceased son, Zane Phillip, as a cool, calm individual who kept to himself.

Etheridge Thomas recalled that it was a shock to receive news last night that Zane had died following an accident last night along the John Compton Highway at about 7:30 pm.

“I ¬†was having dinner and I couldn’t ¬†finish it,” the distraught father told the Times.

His twenty-two year old son was hit by a truck.

“Zane was alright. Everybody liked him,” Thomas said.


(Zane Phillip)

He explained that the young man was heading back to his L’ Anse road residence when tragedy struck.

The father described as ‘lies’ reports that the victim was jaywalking.

“The guy was not in the middle of the road, he was on the sidewalk,” the father said, adding that he wanted the matter to be thoroughly investigated.

He expressed the view that the driver of the truck may have been tired after a long day.

“The police told us that on Thursday they will put everything together with the Doctors – the Doctor and the police and they will give us some more concrete information but for now, they cannot tell us anything,” Thomas told the Times.

He said it would be hard for him to get over the death of his son.

“Even if it takes a hundred years – every time somebody gets in a road accident, I will always remember Zane,” he said.

A post mortem is to be scheduled for a later date.

This is the 1st road fatality for 2017.