“Disturbing” Saint Lucia crime documentary aired in Martinique – Mayor

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has expressed concern about what he says is a slowdown of visitors from Martinique, apparently linked to the production of a  crime documentary on Saint Lucia.

The Mayor, who recently visited Martinique, told reporters earlier this week that two Castries Constituency Council (CCC) Councillors saw the crime documentary on  Martinique television.

He recalled that the production basically asserted that people are being slaughtered on the streets of this country.

Francis said he immediately called Saint Lucia’s representative in Martinique to arrange a meeting with the producers of the documentary.

He explained that the producers responded favourably and the meeting, which included a representative of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLA), took place.

According to Francis, the young lady who produced the work explained that she had spoken with the Minister of National Security, the Police Commissioner and the Director of the Forensic Laboratory here before producing the television piece.

However, the Mayor said the production was ‘disturbing’.

“You swear that you were in one of these African countries where people are being slaughtered on the road.”

Francis told reporters that assurances were given that the producers would visit this country to make sure that “what they got basically, is not that.”

He said that although the producers were unaware, he explained to the them that the cruise ship sector here had a very good year.

“I said: ‘Did you all speak to the Mayor when you all were down here?’ No! So they said they will come down to Saint Lucia – they did not come for Carnival, but anytime after Carnival they will come down to try to correct that situation.”

Councillor, Felix Deterville, said the local delegation received a warm welcome in Martinique.

He explained that he saw the television report one morning with a clip asserting that Saint Lucia has become one of the most violent places in the Caribbean and every day people are being slaughtered on the roads.

Deterville said he concluded that the report pertained not to the Saint Lucia that is Martinique’s neighbour, but a Saint Lucia that is somewhere in Africa.

But he explained that he later saw some Saint Lucians whom he knows being interviewed.

The Councillor disclosed that he brought the matter to the attention of the Mayor.

“People are literally damaging Saint Lucia,” Deterville exclaimed.

He stated nevertheless that the damage control has since been done.




  1. I am in an African country and no one is being murdered on the streets. These statements are irresponsible and are not well founded. In addition, officials must not make reference to other countries when discussing such sensitive issues as crime and violence…good move Mr. Mayor but poor statement…you deserve a pass anyways…maybe it is time for you to take a trip to Africa to witness the amazing stuff taking place as Africa is coming under one umbrella.

    • I was going to make a similar comment. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them do to you Mr. Mayor.
      I spent some time in Martinique and I can testify that just stating that I was a St. Lucian would strike fear in the minds of many Martinicans. Are all St. Lucians bad? Certainly not! But some criminal elements have really given us a bad reputation over there.
      Just like many criminal elements have given Dominica a bad name in Guadeloupe.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. That is what American TV has etch into our collective memory. That African countries are all poor, backward, uncivilized and lawless. Most of these ignorant Americans are of the view that Africa is even one Country. They call us third world countries and we have in some case adavence and progress more the then especially in civility. Just take a look at what is happening in American now. Blacks killing blacks, white killing whites, poor and expensive health care, chronic widespread racism and prejudice, political corruption, dysfunctional government, bias cooperate, judicial and policing sysyem, lagging education system, media censorship, clueless and ignorant president and the list goes on. So tell me where is third-world country?!

    • These people don’t realize that the Caribbean have higher crime and incarceration rates than countries in Africa. They probably never even heard the name “Paul Kagame”.

  2. We portrayed the Venezuelans as crime mongers but we dont like another country calling us the slaughterhouse. Wow.

  3. The crime rate is high here and nothing is done about it, funny it only attracts attention when it starts to affect tourism.

  4. I recently visited Saint-Lucia with my pupils in the frame of a schoolpartnership with Les Abymes Guadeloupe. It’s a real beautiful country! However, before travelling,we were afraid of what could happen while in the streets or being driven in vans going to other villages. i got a subscription to SLO, and they can not hide truth, more often it is question about crlmes or shootings, even more frequently than elsewhere.It’s time for the government to seriously step in and law enforcement to be given all the means to cope with that problem! Saint-Lucia geographically is a nice place ! I love S-Lucia !

  5. The damage is already done. First impressions are almost always the ones that last. You just can’t put that cat back in the bag….the train has already left the station. Maybe the tourism reps should have envisioned that; since there have been lots of negative stories about St.Lucia. We should have been proactive and release feel good stories. The decision has been made about tourism so we should better prepare ourselves for the negative press that sometimes comes with the territory.

  6. Rightly so Mr. Major. This was televise on June 26th. 2018, just a day before an organize town hall meeting by the “Consul General de Sainte Lucie. Departments Français d’Amérique,” Where our Minister of external Affairs was pressing the Consulate to the St. Lucian public. The name of that television program is: Caraibbes.
    Just last week, there was another documentation on St. Lucia, on a much more positive note, St. Lucia was describe in all its glory for more than 30 min.

  7. I always thought of this Mayor as ignorant, egotistical and moronic. How can you be upset with the portrayal of St. Lucia as a crime infested place on television in Martinique while casting similar aspersions on our ancestral homeland? Africa has its problems but there are countries and places in Africa a million times more developed and much better governed than many places in the Caribbean including St. Lucia. Your words have confirmed just what I thought of you. You need to be stripped of that persona you carry around. Do you think any countries in Africa would appreciate your utterly disgusting comments? You have become totally drunk with the praise you have received and taken it to run rough shod over people. Humble thyself.

    • Notwithstanding Sleepy’s ignorance & crassness, his faux pas makes reference to the reality on the ground in African countries, which have been visited by unwanted & unreported violence from the military campaigns for re-colonization, prosecuted by the US, France, and the UK. These Western countries, in their efforts to steal more of the recently-discovered bounty of Mother Africa, its rare earths, are raining down an unabated deluge of violence across the length & breadth of Africa, to destabilize democratic governments there; to keep African populations in total fear for their lives; to prevent them from accepting the win-win developmental propositions from the Chinese.

      Chinese have been offering development of African infrastructure for the benefit of its peoples, while the oligarch elites (all using the military might of the Western countries they control) have only war and ruin to offer.

  8. The response of the Mayor and the Councillor sound so moronic. We are in trouble when these are the people making representation on our behalf.They did promise we would be peh.

  9. St.lucians are lawless and wicked. Very unsafe to be among the youth. Stealing leads to alot of murders and fights. Will not stop. For our society is jamaicanized.

  10. I need some specificity on the term ‘jamaicanized’. Many young men throughout the Caribbean region are becoming extremely violent. The music, idle chatter, drugs, gangs, home, community contribute to the decadence pervading throughout our societies. It’s really a frightening phenomenon.

  11. Building more prisons and having more officers on the road is not the solution to our violence. It helps deal with the cases we currently have but we need to focus on our young people more.
    Work with our young people, single parents; go to the difficult areas; get more social workers.
    The authorities and most St. Lucians know where the hot spots are because they avoid going there period.

  12. Mayor, face the music. Please, take it like a man. It’s certainly not your fault how St. Lucia is perceived by the people of Martinique. Successive governments have neglected the rising crime situation, or flat out had ineffective approaches…anti-gang law.
    We have arrived at our “bodoos!” moment. It always comes about when nothing is done to fix a bad problem. Mayor, you have to ask yourself some deep questions. Why has nothing been done about illegal gun ownership? Why isn’t there a tip hotline that provides generous money? Ours is a simple case of garbage in, garbage out.

  13. Which African country are people being slaughtered on the streets? Wow, that is that best the Mayor can do. What is difference between that comment and what Trump said? Coming from an African that just happen to be born abroad as a result of slavery. You occupy an official office representing St Lucia, think before you speak.

  14. Wow our mayor has joined the esteemed company of President Trump of denigrating majority black countries reputation. How can a supposed educated public official continue the racist narrative that all African countries are war-torn places. Just to protect our country’s name maybe used a middle-eastern country like Syria which us actually very dangerous right now. Or maybe you are afraid of what the real dons of st.lucia would do to you

  15. Y’all seriously need to learn how to read and understand before y’all make comments becuz y’all doh like someone. And I quote. “Deterville said he concluded that the report pertained not to the Saint Lucia that is Martinique’s neighbour, but a Saint Lucia that is somewhere in Africa.“ There is a town in Africa called Saint Lucia and apparently the producers used a report coming out of that ttown and referenced it to our Saint Lucia even going as far as interviewing actual St. Lucians.
    This is what I read from this article.

  16. Why would the French highlight St. Lucia (South Africa)? What are the probabilities? Face it, their people have been subjected to vicious St. Lucia (nextdoor) crime for years. If you believe that the French are referring to St. Lucia (South Africa), I have a swamp to sell you.

  17. Our lord Mayor seem to be forgetting how often we hear of mass open shootings in USA. What took him to Africa is ignorance and his slave mentality. Nothing else.

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