Thursday, August 18, 2022

Division Of Human Services To Hold Foster Care Placement Drive

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The Division of Human Services within the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, has partnered with the Holy Family Children’s Home in Gros Islet, to
conduct a much-needed Foster Care drive.

This initiative, to be held on Saturday July 30, 2022 at the Rodney Bay Mall from 8:00am, has become necessary in light of the many children who, when sent to the Home, languish in institutional care, as their families of origin are unable or unwilling, for varied reasons, to take them back.

Director of the Division of Human Services Beverley-Ann Poyotte lamented the fact that many children have reached adulthood, after having been abandoned at foster care homes for years.

“Through research we know this is not the best environment in which to raise a child. Furthermore, we are compounded with the lack of placement homes,” exclaimed Poyotte.

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A child is placed in foster care because their current situation at home has become unsafe or untenable, as a result of insufficient supervision over the welfare of that child. Children can be considered unsafe due to neglect, maltreatment, exposure to domestic violence or lack of supervision by an adult.

According to Poyotte, “We have situations where we need emergency foster care placements in the North and South of the island and there is no one readily available to take in that child and therefore this poses problems. With this Foster Care Drive we hope to register, screen and process individuals, families and potential foster careers to alleviate the issues of locating proper family environments where they can thrive.”

The rationale behind the Foster Care Drive is to raise public awareness and heighten advocacy toward Foster Care, and to solicit interested persons who may be willing to provide the service.

Source: Ministry of Equity, Social Justice & Empowerment. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. In the case where teens get themselves preg i understand u can give this comment above wrapup etc but over 20 u nt a fool u k w exactly wht you doing chipzzzzzz

  2. Please ensure the applicants for these children are adequately screened and background checked. There are beast out there masquerading as caring and concerning human beings. I don’t know the mental and educational capacity of these individuals in foster care but that consideration is also of paramount importance. God help these children who have to deal with rejection and abandonment by their parents.

    • @Jay – totally agree. Rigorous screening is essential. It would be terrible for these children to go from one awful situation to another. It happens in Foster care everywhere in the world. There are good people too, but how do the bad ones pass the screening? Very worrying. Question; why so many abandoned children in SL? Government needs to create programs to educate people about contraception and self-respect… Too many children created but not by love…

  3. Too bloody late telling us now, this is bad reporting. You put this on here an hour after the event started, not giving people chance to consider this especially people from the south.


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