Djokovic Back In Practice, Family Hails ‘Biggest Victory Of His Life’

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CNN:- Novak Djokovic has tweeted that he is “pleased and grateful” that a judge quashed the Australian government’s decision to cancel his visa. He said that “despite all that has happened,” he wants to remain in country to “try to compete” in the Australian Open.

He also thanked his supporters for standing with him and encouraging him to “stay strong.”

If you’re just joining us, here’s a recap of events that have led up to now.

According to Djokovic’s affidavit:

  • October or November 2021: Djokovic files for an Australian temporary entry visa to compete in the Australian Open.
  • November 18: Djokovic is granted the visa.
  • December 16: Djokovic tests positive for Covid-19. That same day, he is photographed at three events, where none of the other participants are masked. The following day, he is also photographed at a youth awards event.
  • December 22: He tests negative for the virus.
  • December 30: He receives a medical exemption from Covid vaccination for entry from Tennis Australia, on the grounds that he had just recovered from Covid.
  • January 1: Djokovic’s team submits his travel declaration to the Australian Ministry of Home Affairs, which notifies them that it has been assessed and he is cleared for quarantine-free arrival.
  • January 2: Djokovic receives a Border Travel Permit by the state government of Victoria, where Melbourne is located and where the tournament will take place.
  • January 4: Djokovic departs from Spain.
  • January 5: He arrives in Melbourne late at night, close to midnight. His passport is taken, and he is escorted to a small room where he is interviewed by border control officers.
  • January 6: His visa is canceled by the Australian government, and he is taken to a temporary detention facility at the Park Hotel in Melbourne.
  • January 10: His hearing commences, with the judge deciding to quash the cancelation of his visa and order his release from detention. Australia’s immigration minister still has the power to cancel the visa, however, and is “currently considering the matter,” according to a statement.
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