Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Do-Nation Foundation Celebrates The Elderly

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Press Release:– Do-Nation Foundation has reaffirmed its commitment to the elderly within our Saint Lucian society as the organization honours that demographic for this year’s International Day of Older Persons, observed last week Friday.

The International Day of Older Persons is observed annually on October 1 to address the issues and challenges that elderly people face and look for solutions to them. The day is focused on the special needs, rights and well-being of elderly people.

According to the United Nations (U.N.), the section of the world’s population that is aged 60 years and above will reach over 1.5 billion in the year 2050, up from 900 million in 2015.

This year, the U.N. has decided that the theme for International Day of Older Persons is “Digital Equity for All Ages”. The theme emphasizes on active and meaningful participation of the elderly people in the digital world as well as making the digital world more accessible to them.

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Do-Nation Foundation’s Executive Director, Claudia Niles, said the organization is set on assisting in eliminating the social ills in Saint Lucia by partnering with other organizations, including helping people elevate their standard of living.

As the organization celebrates our elderly — especially on International Day of Older Persons — she said Do-Nation Foundation will continue to ensure that it plays its part in recognizing the need to assist the vulnerable elderly within our communities.

“Especially as we go through this pandemic, we find that our elderly are very isolated,” Niles said. “So, more and more, we see the need to pay attention to our elderly. They are vulnerable and poor, and, quite often, they’re the poorest because they can’t work and fend for themselves. Therefore, we as a society need to come together to see how we can play our part in assisting them.”

Niles added that Do-Nation Foundation will be working with other partners this year to roll out a suite of activities. One such partner is Alexandria Actie, based in New York, who has volunteered to send some of the items that our elderly normally require on a daily basis.

These items, she said, will arrive in Saint Lucia later this month and Do-Nation Foundation will partner with Helpage St. Lucia in distribution to help meet the needs of our vulnerable elderly. The Do-Nation Foundation team will also conduct some visits to elderly people – without breaching the COVID-19 protocols, of course.

“We urge everyone to look out for our elderly who are vulnerable and lonely and sometimes
hungry,” Niles stressed. “Let us identify those folks in our community with whom we can share a meal with at least once a week. That way, we would all be meeting the needs of each other and there will be love and care within our society which are very much needed at this crucial time.”

Meanwhile, Sheris Paul, a member of Do-Nation Foundation’s Events Team, said elderly persons make a meaningful contribution towards the social enhancement of our society and are often quick to volunteer and help others.

However, she noted, some elderly folks are unable to do so or even care for themselves, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said one of the ways the Foundation assists persons who are unable to help themselves is by providing them with nutritious meals and an opportunity to have decent housing. However, she noted more needs to be done.

“While we do have people who do reach out to help our elderly who are vulnerable, I think we need to also have more public awareness as it relates to sponsorships and donations that can fund proper housing for our elderly,” Paul explained. “Walking through Castries, you would find many older persons struggling to get to the supermarket to get to get something to eat or their medication. If we have the proper systems in place to really help them, it would be of great assistance to them.”

Do-Nation Foundation’s mandate to provide dedicated service to eradicate social ills, one person at a time. The organization has been involved in various activities to provide socio-economic support to affected families across Saint Lucia.

With nearly 40 members island-wide, Do-Nation Foundation is based on volunteerism and the organization teams up with sponsors and well-wishers to provide citizens with a wide range of services, including:
 Counseling
 Job placement
 Rehabilitation and reintegration into society for troubled adults and youths
 Holistic approach with each client and support to recovery from their situation
 Teaching single parents the necessary parenting skills and how to maintain balance in their lives
 Police guidance/support/legal advice for victims
 Monthly follow-ups and updates on clients
 Community projects designed to foster positive societal change
 Triage service before referral for counseling

Another great initiative undertaken by Do-Nation Foundation is Good Deeds Day, observed in April each year.

Do-Nation Foundation looks forward to partnering with business-houses to express our
Good Deeds umbrella of caring and changing of lives not for a day, but for life.

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