Thursday, September 29, 2022

Do-Nation Foundation Donates To Special Education Unit, HelpAge Lucia

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Press Release:- Do-Nation Foundation donated much-needed supplies to the Special Education Unit and HelpAge Saint Lucia last Friday in observance of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The presentations were made at HelpAge’s office in La Clery and the Special Education Unit in Sans Souci, respectively, on Friday morning.

In each instance, each organization received cases of Ensure Nutrition Shake, hand sanitizers, protective underwear for people with disabilities, and face masks.

On November 22, 2021, Do-Nation Foundation launched Good Deeds Day Saint Lucia, ahead of Good Deeds Day, which will be observed on April 3, 2022. With Sunday, December 5 observed as International Volunteers Day, the organization felt the need to continue one of its programmes under the Good Deeds Day Saint Lucia umbrella.

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In the first presentation ceremony, Do-Nation Foundation’s Executive Director, Claudia Niles, made the presentation to Helen Charles, Executive Director of HelpAge Saint Lucia.
During the other presentation ceremony held at the Special Education Unit, Do-Nation
Foundation’s Events Director, Anicia Fowell, noted that since children are our future and the
torch of our country, they should never be neglected, especially children and persons with

“As we recognize International Day of Persons with Disabilities, our commitment is to continue working together with the Special Education Unit for the better, where the rights of persons with disabilities should be fully recognized,” Fowell said.

Fowell added that Do-Nation Foundation, a non-profit organization based on the spirit of
volunteerism, will collaborate with the Special Education Unit to continue working for the
betterment of our special citizens. She also encouraged the citizenry to do the same.

Meanwhile, Dale St. Juste, Education Officer at the Special Education Unit, said people with
disabilities and various special needs face tremendous challenges, with global statistics
suggesting that 80% of these persons live in developing nations like Saint Lucia.

St. Juste said people with special needs often experience poverty, ridicule, discrimination, abuse, and many other forms of maltreatment, which often result in them having reduced opportunities to participate in the activities of civil society, further disadvantaging, and causing them to have a dismal future.

“What makes a key difference in this rather depressing outcome is the involvement of caring members of the community, generous corporate citizens, conscientious civil society
organizations, and responsible government agencies,” St. Juste said.

“At the Special Education Unit, we are actively supporting children in the special education sector with their various special needs.”

St. Juste said the Special Education Unit helps to identify exceptionalities in students, makes provisions for intervention and support, and advocates for holistic well-being and development for children with special needs. Although the Special Education Unit is small in size, he said staffers take this challenge on with enthusiasm and as a labour of love.

He thanked Do-Nation Foundation for demonstrating its willingness to stand side by side with the officers of the Special Education Unit, teachers at the Special Schools, and parents who serve their children with special needs.

“We are pleased that, in this season of giving, and also in the context of the global challenges brought on by the pandemic, Do-Nation Foundation and everyone else involved in donation,
have chosen to give support to our most vulnerable children in the education sector,” said St. Juste.

“In our field, where it is so often that we have children who are very disadvantaged and
under-privileged, every little bit of help and support counts.”

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