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Doctor Kenny Anthony Declines WASCO Invitation

Press Release:– Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr Kenny D. Anthony, has declined an invitation from the Water and Sewerage Authority(WASCO) to attend a sod turning ceremony for its  so-called Southern Headquarters, tomorrow, January 30, 2020. 


After thanking WASCO for its invitation, Dr Anthony told the General Manager of WASCO that his “investigations indicate that up to the present time no drawings have been submitted to the Development Control Authority(DCA), of the proposed building.” Dr Anthony told the General Manager that, 

“in effect, you have invited me to an event to construct a building for which no approved plans or drawings are available. It is deeply troubling and regrettable that WASCO has chosen to emulate the actions of the Government which holds sod turning ceremonies for proposed projects when no approved plans for such projects exist.”


Dr Anthony noted that he had, 

“seen no invitation to tender for the construction of the proposed building. It is my sincere hope  that as a public authority, WASCO would abide by the laws which govern public procurement and the building’s construction will, in early course, be put out to tender so all contractors would have a fair opportunity to bid.”


Dr Anthony also expressed his displeasure at the site selected for the building. He wrote:

“I note, too, that the proposed building will be constructed on the site selected by the previous Government to construct an Administrative Centre for the use of my constituents in Vieux Fort South and indeed, the entire southern community. Construction of that facility had commenced and the current Government, within days of being elected, stopped its construction. If it has not already done so, it will have to pay significant damages to the contractor who was engaged by the National Insurance Corporation of Saint Lucia. I have no doubt that WASCO could have found an alternative site for its building but instead chose to follow the lead of the Government of Saint Lucia, and, like it, engage in a decision that is vindictive and provocative. I will not condone such action. I will have no part in such misbehavior.”

Dr Anthony emphasized that while he had “absolutely no objections to WASCO providing its  staff with decent accommodation” but [he found] it strange that WASCO would choose to invest in a building at this time when the water supply to the Vieux Fort Community needs urgent upgrading.

According to Dr Anthony, 

“I have no doubt that you are aware that whenever it rains, the water supply to certain parts of the constituency has to be shut down because of turbidity. The former Government had signed an agreement with the Caribbean Development Bank, in the amount of US$19.675(EC$52.9) million dollars to improve Vieux Fort’s water supply to address that issue. This project would have finally resolved the problems of providing the people of Vieux Fort South with a safe and reliable supply of water. A public signing ceremony was held to announce this investment. WASCO was the designated executing agency of the project. After the General Elections, the Government of Saint Lucia, aided and abetted by WASCO’s Board of Directors, terminated the Agreement with the Caribbean Development Bank.   Moreover, despite the appearance of the line item in the Estimates of Expenditure and repeated statements by the responsible Minister that the project exists, it is now nearly four years and there are no signs that the upgrade of the water supply is underway.”

Dr Anthony ended his letter by pointing out that “he people of Vieux Fort South are strong and resilient. They understand full well when their priorities for an improved quality of life are not the priorities of the Government of Saint Lucia and its agencies.” 



  1. Kenny Anthony is shameless. SO did he have Planning approval for the office building he started as an elections gimmick? Who owned the land? And isn’t it true that millions of dollars had already been paid on that project for work which had not yet even been done?

    Dr. Anthony said, “I will not condone such action. I will have no part in such misbehavior.” But isn’t that the same action he took just before the last elections? And whom is WASCO being “vindictive and provocative” against.

    Kenny you have no shame!

    • The bitterness if only “with people” like you and others who are blocked by him for life for their insubordination and bent on spending their life trying their dammest to instigate and to aggravate a public response from him which he refuse to do; even in his dying day would he give them the wrong time of day. People like you don’t understand the political connected WASCO, the board of directors should be disband with the immediate effect, the company should leased to an outside experienced municipality with The Government of St Lucia retaining 80 percent ownership with contractual agreements of improvement upgrading and profitability. WASCO is too political connected and is often used as a political football in a vindictive manner. What the former PM has stated is 100 percent correct. How is it you are breaking ground for an HQ without planning ? The current PM talks of all these dream investments, so where are the infrastructure development to meet these demands ? Why are the people of VF still suffering after it rain to this date when the funds were AVAILABLE to alleviate the issue ?? This is a tax’s payers funded government entity water is life, the people of the south has suffered too long from insufficient poor and underservice behavior from WASCO , with it’s routine deviating practices of water supply to please Northern Peter and Paul and certain constituency in the south.. I commend Dr. Anthony for his stance.

  2. Kenny ** **** sans hont 15ys you have people sh****** in bags among pigs u were never concerned now u want to play like you care .
    Where were your plans and da approvals for that so called building u cry foul for?.

  3. St Lucia must head to The IMF irrespective of which Government is in Power . I hope you all are prepared for it when it come hitting our doors .Political ignorance by the people of St.. Lucia is one of the highest disservice to our country . We enjoy tolerating garbage in the name of politics . If Chastnet say something that makes /Kenney / Mondasey /Richard / Guy or whoever it may be say something that make sense , I will humbly respect and accept his point of view but 99.9 % of our so called literate jackasses cannot do that . They know how to read but do not know how to communicate . Ever thing is always is muddle in political ignorance .

    • It’s a deplorable situation that is so shameful. There is too much ignorance in the land. The sad part is, everyone suffers because of it, because they are in majority.

  4. It is so sad….how ignorant…turning soils in vfort…meanwhile we from Vieux fort have to travel all the way to Castries for everything concerning our government documents…yes they turning soils but who’s pocket get the fullest, who gets benefits…I guess wasco can build a building while they continue to charge $200 + when every they decide to…even when there was no water…then cut your water to make you pay $100 + to reconnect…but how can we accept it…it’s still wrong no matter who points it out…mean while another secret that’s ment to be public knowledge and all you can read is donkey comments about politics….

  5. Who in Kenny shoes, wouldn’t have taken the same stance that he took ? This administration has played dirty politic from day one and it is only getting worse towards the end. One can fool some of the people some of the time but ever all the people all of the time.

  6. This is not right Wasco needs their own being renting for so many years. Kenny behave. The staff of wasco need their own building.

  7. Look who is complaining about plans, drawings etc for a sod turning ceremony. St Jude Hospital was beyond that point. Some buildings were almost complete and there was no drawing, no plans. It is just a sod turning ceremony. Remember that grand sod turning ceremony Kenny had in VFort around 1998 or 1999 for an auditorium opposite the liquor store on beanfield? There was no drawing or plans. To date there is no auditorium after 15 years of Kenny as PM and 23.5 years of Kenny as MP. As I said, it is just a sod turning ceremony.

    • He said he was not attending LEPRECHAUN and that’s it. He laid out is reasons which are very legitimate and profound suck it up and crawl back in your hole. Still carrying on you have not learn anything from your 1998 insubordination.

  8. I really don’t care whether Kenny attends or not; what is concerning is the continued bad spending. More urgent is for WASCO to repair so many leaks in their labyrinth of ancient pipes. More important is actual water treatment infrastructure, modernizing it, using green energy and reducing that million dollar debt to lucelec. Don’t be fooled WASCO staff do not “need” a southern headquarters and neither have they asked for one. Kenny you can stay home as just another case of you politician guys and your puppets playing with taxpayers money, contracts and kickbacks and of course, more mould issues.

  9. Right on Doc! Nobody can counter your justification for not attending. That is how you do it. Whether they like you or not, they cannot argue against these solid objections. Let them resort to emotional rants.

  10. All this coming from the same guy who was about to erect a massive office complex in Beanefield, Vieux Fort without a single plan nor DCA approval either. We need to take both these political parties and throw them out to sea. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  11. My goodness! Why this vexation of the soul for a mere sod turning ceremony in Vieux Fort? Does it mean this project is unnecessary and must not happen?

    • Yes that’s exactly what it means water quality before a building get y’all priorities right….i bet if every time it rained you have no water you would have said the same…always the idiots who not getting affected who would make damn statements like dat…water is life not the building…

  12. Well well well well Dr Kenny Anthony what an ignorant and bitter man.So many things you do without a plan especially St.judes hospital that is why up to now we in that mess in the south.When they invited you to something you are not coming.Whenever they don’t invite you there is a complain.Please for the sake of the people of St Lucia and especially the South go say your prayers.You are to bitter.

    • You write like he reads this “Rag”. Well I have news for you he don’t neither the printed gas station edition but at times you might see it at the bottom of his bird cage.

  13. If the information presented in the piece is accurate then I don’t blame Kenny for not going. However, Kenny must understand that when he comes with dirty hands there will be little sympathy for him. There were no plans for the proposed administrative building in VF during his time. Nope, two wrongs don’t make a right but Kenny should be the last onr to talk.

    • He was “invited ” ! He did not “invite” himself, the man was about his merry way so what are you talking about “come with dirty hands”. If he had accept the invitation and attend you would have heard all the mongrels barking yap, yap, yap, yap, Kenny go home you did nothing for VF blah, blah, blah. He declined the offer with A CLEAR, DEFINED, SPECIFIC, PERCISE, EXPLICIT, SELF EXPLANATORY, NO BRAINER EXPLANATIONS, and the dutty mongrels still barking yap, yap, yap, yap, it’s just a sod turning event, you had not plans for this and for that building when you were in office, so what’s the big deal blah, blah, blah, which goes to show these people true motivation; to ANTAGONIZE..

  14. There were plans for the Administrative Complex. These plans were even displayed on billboards at the site. I am no fan of Kenny but guys rebut with facts, not lies. We can do better. Curse him off but don’t make up stories just so your govt can look good.
    No plans for a public building. That should worry us. Safety is extremely important. If there is a fire, do you know that there are sufficient exits?
    Let’s forget the politics and be sensible.

  15. Maybe they opened this building ,because they are planning a new Dam in Laborie,so they getting ready.

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