Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Doctor Kenny Anthony, Other Former PMs Weigh In On Venezuela Crisis

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Five former regional prime ministers, including Saint Lucia’s Doctor Kenny Anthony,  have expressed concern that the interventionist threats by some countries in response to the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela could have implications for peace within the region, it has been reported.

According to Barbados Today, in a statement signed by  Anthony, Owen Arthur of Barbados, P.J Patterson of Jamaica, Lester Bird of Antigua & Barbuda and Said Musa of Belize,  the former CARICOM heads of government maintained that the sovereignty of the neighbouring South American country must be respected.

“We former leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries of Jamaica, Belize, Barbados and St Lucia, concerned about the maintenance of the Caribbean as a zone of peace, express great disquiet about events surrounding the situation in Venezuela and the prospect of any action that is inconsistent with the principles of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. In this connection, we are concerned that no action be taken that would jeopardize these fundamental principles of international law,”Barbados Today quoted the letter as saying.

In recent days, United States president Donald Trump has ramped up the rhetoric against the Nicolás Maduro administration. While he has not threatened war, he has openly stated that all options are on the table.

The US government has also flown tonnes of food and medical aid into Colombia, in hopes of taking it across the border into Venezuela. Maduro has vowed to use his military to block the aid, which he sees as a pretext for a US invasion.

However, although acknowledging the need for humanitarian assistance in Venezuela, the former regional prime ministers said “the delivery of such humanitarian assistance should not be politicized but should be conducted under the auspices of the United Nations according to normal procedures, including the participation of the government and other authorities”.

“We categorically reject the use or the threat of force as a means of resolving the situation in Venezuela,” the former Prime Ministers insisted.

The statement further noted that it would be in the best interest of CARICOM nations to facilitate dialogue with the aim of brokering peace.

“In a spirit of international democracy, we join the CARICOM call on all nations to help promote a process of dialogue between all the parties in Venezuela to seek accord and to negotiate constructively a settlement of the internal challenges that confront the nation as a whole.

“We appeal to all governments to contribute to the process of peaceful negotiation by the Venezuelan parties in the interest of the people of Venezuela and the wider Hemisphere,” they stated.

“None of the Venezuelan parties should be encouraged to eschew the process of dialogue which alone can produce ‘a Venezuelan Pact’ that is central to lasting peace and orderly economic and social restoration and progress.

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  1. Well well well..Kenny you were the one that was planning to put a bust of the Che Guevara in our square? to perpetuate exactly what ? that is what you have to explain to all of us,because we ignorant simple people have to be taught,by the elite of wich you consider yourself part.Kenny your days are over and what is worse is the cow dunk that you carry in your head.We will never be socialists,we will never follow the Cuban experience nor the Sandinistan nor the Chavez experiment.We allready had one boss that treated us like cattle,and we still drag some of those chains,we will for ever be free.When one tirant holds all the power and all the guns,and this is what unbalances the society of a country the guns and the inpunity that embelishes the tirant.Help for the submited simple people has to come from those of us that can provide it.

  2. It used to be a zone of peace, but since the US intervention in Grenada, the US is playing a smart role in the Caribbean. Doctor Anthony, since 2011, this is the first wise décision you have taken, however i still look at you as a traitor because you have an a American brain. If you know what i mean!

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