Doctor Kenny Anthony Urges Public Service Re-Think

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony says there is no doubt that Saint Lucia must re-think the way things are done in the public service.

He told Choice Television’s Janeka Simon Tuesday that he is very disappointed because this country has not been able to provide an institution that can train public servants for the future.

“We seem to think that merely going to University and getting a degree is enough to enter the public service or the teaching profession,” the former University of the West Indies Law Lecturer declared.

“That is not so. As a matter of fact, you have to be acquainted with the norms, the practices, the ethos of the public service and you have to bear in mind that you exist at the mercy of the taxpayers because fundamentally, they are the ones who can guarantee you a salary at the end of the day,” Anthony observed.

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“We don’t even have a training school for public officers because civil servants are not trained into the culture and practice of the public service,” the former PM also stated.

“I think civil servants have become almost fearful to use their imagination. They worry about displeasing their bosses and I think they are particularly fearful of the political directorate because they can see how political power is being used,” Anthony asserted.

“But I think the civil servants need to be comforted on another ground and that is that their loyalty ought never to be to the practicing politician, but as I have said – to the constitution of the country,” he said.

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