Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Doctor Stephen King Says ‘Too Much Blood’ Being Shed In Saint Lucia

Consultant Pathologist, Doctor Stephen King has declared that too much blood is being shed in this country.

He spoke against the backdrop of a spate of homicides being recorded locally.

King disclosed that since 1989 he has performed some 6,500 post mortems throughout the region, over 600 of them being in connection with homicides.

He asserted that all the tears that families shed don’t wash away the blood or the pain.

“When you lose a loved one – you lose your child to a homicide, to somebody stabbing, shooting, raping or strangling your child; let me tell you, you think your grieving process is easy, especially when the justice system operates in a way that you may not see the justice?” King stated Monday night during the MBC Television programme Police Insight.

“There are a lot of problems in the society – a lot of pain, unresolved,” he noted.

“For us to do anything, we must transform that pain – that anger and channel it into a different place to make changes,” King asserted.

According to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), Saint Lucia has recorded 7 homicides so far for this year.





  1. As long as there is that big gap between the rich and the poor there will always be crime look at a scenario most of Private sector workers are being exploited take an example Guardsman is paying guards to work at the Owen King Hospital 4;25 cents an hour and you have to work 12 hour shifts to earn 51 dollars is that not exploitation is that not criminal how can a man survive on 51 dollars a day and take care of his family hotel workers are paid 300 hundred dollars and 2 points service charge gas station workers earn 2 dollars an hour well the young people prefer to run the streets than let themselfs be used for nothing risking your life working for nothing when the labour party get back in power they should sign an excuitve order that no one should work for less than 12;50 an hour that should be law as poverty is the cause of the escalating crime rate in the country

  2. To many people involved in the qwick fix,the big boys working the ignorant young men,that have no profesion,no work,and refuse to better themselves.And this is because they cant find the right person to interact with and guide them.Just blame it on Babylon

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