Saturday, December 14, 2019

Doctor Tennyson Joseph Blasts PM Chastanet At SLP Conference

University of the West Indies Lecturer, Doctor Tennyson Joseph has sharply criticised Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, during the recent conference of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“Of all the persons who have occupied the office of prime minister, Chastanet is the least prepared for the job, and he is leading the least able group of men and women ever assembled as the cabinet of St. Lucia,” he told the 68th annual Conference of the SLP.

Joseph made it clear that he was not speaking on behalf of UWI or as a representative of the institution, but in his personal capacity and as  a card-bearing member of the SLP.

He declared that the same historical forces that explain Donald Trump in the USA explain Allen Chastanet in St. Lucia.

“All the myths were the same.  Trump claimed that he was a successful businessman and he would make America Rich and Great Again, Chastanet claimed that he was a businessman and he would put“ching-ching” in St. Lucians’ pockets,” Joseph recalled.

“On my way here an old lady told me that she could not hear the “ching-ching” in her pocket, because the rumble in her belly was too loud,” he stated.

Joseph said Chastanet even promised that he would get America to remove visa restrictions on St. Lucia.

“Big lie, after big lie, after big lie, but the people of St. Lucia were drinking it up!” He exclaimed.

“Just as Trump in the USA was treating politics like the making of business deals, our own tropical Trump in St. Lucia was busy going from constituency to constituency treating the selection of candidates like the making of deals. All kinds of people were promised all kinds of things.  People who were fifty and forty years old, who for all their lives never once expressed a public view about anything, never had a political view on anything, were being called in the middle of the night and convinced that they should become politicians and public figures overnight,” Joseph told the SLP conference.

According to him, people who could not even spell the words ‘Honourable member’ were getting excited by the promise that they could be parliamentarians.

“Now some of them who ran for Chastanet are busy regretting. They waited until after they entered politics to discover what politics is really about. Now any chance they get, and to anyone willing to listen, they are now saying that they are not politicians,” Joseph stated.

On the other hand, Joseph asserted that the Saint Lucia Labour Party is the party best prepared to lead this country into the future.

According to him, after three decades of being in opposition and making its contribution to national development, it was no accident that the oldest political organization in St. Lucia gave this country the best prime minister and the best government that St. Lucia has ever seen.

“The years 1997 to 2006 were indeed the years of St. Lucia’s transformation from an agricultural economy into one based on tourism, services, financial services, tele-communications and a knowledge economy. Under Kenny Anthony and the SLP, schools were expanded and new primary and secondary schools were built, universal secondary education (USE) was introduced, health care was modernized, the psychiatric and general hospitals were modernized and transformed, the Beausejour Cricket Ground (now Darren Sammy Stadium) was built, the George Odlum National Stadium appeared out of nowhere, the fisheries sector was modernized, the telecommunications sector was liberalized and every household far in the country and deep in the town, got access to telephones, electricity, television and water, and I can go on and on and on and on,” he stated.

However he lamented that despite the SLP’s  great history and unmatched contribution to development, it  finds itself in opposition once again.

” Despite all the evidence of our ability to govern, despite all the proof of our genuine commitment to St. Lucia’s development, despite the fact that we have consistently produced the best and most able leaders of St. Lucia, and despite the fact that we have always striven to maintain a record of uprightness and propriety in government, we find ourselves arrayed against class and social forces which consistently succeed in mobilizing enough public opinion against us to deny us our rightful place as the government of St. Lucia,” Joseph observed.



  1. The two parties are full of cow dunk,and retarded members.You have to open your mouth and vomit all your sewage,you have in your brains.You dont have brains,why you think we kicked you all out?

  2. The more the JACKASSES BRAY the more we will be doing. Don’t worry my boy you are and educated jackass who talks about the S.L.P being the best option but he fails to realize he’s talking to educated people who see and know about your party and the secret and under the table deals. That’s why they were kicked out you FOOL. Now hush your mouth and whine let the Government of THE DAY do their work in peace. OH AND THE COUNTRY ISN’T BEING DESTROYED OR DYING LIKE YA’LL WANT US TO THINK. If it didn’t die under ya’ll it’s not under them it will die.

  3. Dr. Joseph, you are the typical politician. You had me for a brief movement, then you put Kenny Anthony on a pedestal and everything went down hill from there. I am no water carrier for the UWP. In fact, I think they are grossly incompetent and ill-equipped to govern. The vast majority of St. Lucians are not as stupid as you think. They soundly rejected the SLP at the last polls for bankrupting the country, for the massive unemployment, for the awful conditions of many roads and the inadequacies could go on ad infinitum. Be truthful. The people suffered unbearable hardships under Dr. Anthony’s tenure as leader so the SLP was rightfully fired. They gave Chastanet a chance and he too has proven to be an abject failure. Both SLP and UWP have FAILED the people miserably. Many people are wiser now, so your empty , misleading, flowery rhetoric, Dr. Joseph, cannot deceive the majority anymore.

  4. I think you can see,that your words aint taking you nowere.Mr.Joseph,you are not going to suck the people any more.All the lies of SLP,Kenny and his oil company,St Jude,four lane highway,just a few to refresh your dry brains.And you celebrating his performance? Why dont you go to the boulevard and say these words? And see what they do to you,culo hole.

  5. This idiot is suffering from slpitis. A very serious problem affecting 40% of the population.
    A good dose of uwpliquor is the answer.

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