Monday, February 24, 2020

Doctor Ubaldus Raymond ‘Has Proceeded On Leave’

Public Service Doctor Ubaldus Raymond has proceeded on leave as the government of Saint Lucia investigates ‘recent information’ surrounding him.

That’s according to a statement issued Thursday by the Attorney General’s Chambers.

The full text of the statement is reproduced below:

The Government of Saint Lucia has launched investigations into recent information being circulated in the public domain surrounding the Minister for the Public Service and Senator Honourable Dr. Ubaldus Raymond.

As a consequence of this initial probe, more information has come to light which warrants further investigations by the relevant authorities.

The Government, in seeking to protect the interest of the People of Saint Lucia, wishes to give the assurance that these investigations will be performed without interference and with the utmost integrity.

In furtherance of this, Dr. Raymond has proceeded on leave.

The Government of Saint Lucia wishes to give the assurance that at the conclusion of these
investigations the outcome will be presented to the general public.



    • Did you know about the guarantee to Rochamel and the sale of St Lucia’s sea bed to Grynburg? If you did and said nothing then I will question your position on the alleged $162m deal that you talk about

      • Get a life. Since the day we done with Rochamel, what ur family did not get to benefit, u hurt financially by this ?

      • Curious, I am curious about your level of intelligence. You seem to be stuck in the past. Just playing the same old discredited record. There are modern tunes such as: the 162 million dollar deal,The Fresh Start episode, the 30 million in direct contracts given by an Acting Prime Minister, the Sandals 25 million dollars gift of tax payers money, the millions paid to Ernst and Young to do work that our Ministry of Finance can do, the illegal use of the CIP money, the millions spent on a simple road in the PM’s constituency, the illegal practice of running parliament without a constitution and the list goes on. If you are doing and saying nothing about these and more, then I question your position on that long discredited matter of Rochamel and Grynberg.

    • Ryan, I agree. However, we cannot lose sight of a Minister proceeding on leave which means that he will be collecting tax payers money while an unnecessary “investigation” goes on? For how long is that leave. What is the end date of that “investigation”? What exactly is being investigated?

  1. Lets all get this right please,we cant be speculating,these are serious matters,this is an embarrasment for St Lucia

  2. Mr. Frederick finish the investigation with one show so please don’t waste the taxpayer money on an un-needed one please

  3. People please stop with the stupidness about the sale of seabeds….THAT’S NOT TRUE. It’s been explained 100 times. We OWN our seabeds. The Govt of SLU has won its two rounds in court on this matter.

  4. To all those who saying Rochamel and our sea beds is a thing of the past are corrupt as they master.

  5. What’s the big deal about Mr. Raymond? Did he raped anyone? Did he misused funs? What is wrong in charting someone? Did his wife complained? All of you out there that want to drag him in the mud, some of you have done even worse; leave the man alone!

  6. The minister should have been the one to exercise wisdom based on his behavior prior to seeking “PUBLIC OFFICE”

    Public office puts individuals on RADAR it comes with the territory…it’s not all glitz, prestige etc.

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