Dog Clothing Becoming Fashionable In Martinique

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Dressing dogs in style is gaining popularity in Martinique, local reports say.

As a result, two Martinique women have opened businesses specialising in dog clothing.

RCI Martinique reported Wednesday that one of the women has opened two boutiques in one year.

The publication said Christelle Smith was a stylist for men and women.

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ButĀ  she decided to turn to making clothing for dogs.

However, Smith explained that the switch proved to be a challenge.

It’s because of the big difference between sewing for people and sewing for animals.

“There are a lot of people who regard their dog as their own child,” she said.

“They dress them as they would human beings to give them style and humanise them.”

According to RCI Martinique, dog jacketsĀ  can cost from 135 to 800 euros, with even a special wedding collection.

It said the rather closed market of haute couture and tailor-made creation for dogs, however, targets a specific clientele.



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