Sunday, September 25, 2022

Domestic Development Needs, Not ‘Photo-Ops’ To Drive Saint Lucia Foreign Policy

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Press Release:-  Saint Lucia’s Minister for External Affairs, International Trade and Civil Aviation has declared that the Saint Lucia Labour Party Government’s foreign policy will be driven by the country’s domestic development needs and must therefore focus on mutually beneficial relationships and results, not photo-ops and empty associations.

Minister Baptiste made the declaration during his Opening Address at an Orientation
workshop for the newly appointed Heads of the Country’s overseas missions held at the Bay Gardens Inn on Friday 11th February 2022.

Explaining the basis for a fresh approach to Saint Lucia’s foreign policy, the External Affairs Minister said, “Saint Lucia’s development agenda and its accompanying priorities will be the centrifugal force that determines the manner in which we interact with international actors. I envision a transition away from the tendency to be reactive, and an inclination towards much greater proactivity. At this juncture, it is important to accentuate the point, that while Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre is pre-occupied with putting the national house in order, he wants to underpin the foreign policy of Saint Lucia with an economic sub-strata that advances sustainable development and protects the people by putting them first.”

Addressing the role of the Foreign Ministry in this new dispensation, the Minister told the
diplomats “The reality is that in the current fiscal climate, the Ministry of External Affairs
must serve as the financial intermediary between external sources of development
assistance and the greater governmental machinery. And to serve well in our role as the
preeminent procurer of financial assistance, we must undertake a serious and thorough
reorientation of all existing Embassies, Consulates and Missions. There is a need to align
each and every Embassy, Consulate and Mission with specific development priorities. There
is also a need to identify and appoint focal points in our line ministries, who through Capital, can furnish our Embassies with proposals, guidance and the necessary support to ensure that we capitalize on each and every opportunity that is within our reach. Then there is the need to put in place a coordinating mechanism which will cause our diplomatic missions, Capital and focal points in line ministries to be much more timely and efficient in accessing and implementing development assistance.”

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Man hush up. Now the vote of the people give you strength to come talk BS and lies. Your broke behind had gone to Chas begging him to pay you holiday pay when the SLP gravy boat left the station in 2016. Today your plate full of source thanks to the voters of this country. But, in true SLP arrogance you have forgotten already. You guys are LIARS and damn bluffers and this will be yall downfall. Prepare for the wrath of many soldiers because the tide has already turned on this government because of the way yall lied and disrespected some people.

  2. Mister Minister tell us why you send back some to their old positions but others were kicked to a side especially those who fought hard so this government could be in power and you could have the job you have now. Tell us who decided that some people are more worthy than others. Disgusted!

  3. Wow! Imagine in such a short time SLP has become so unpopular after winning so overwhelmingly. This speaks to the let down and disappointment that people feel because they really believed that the little black boy from Marchand would have stood tall and proud, treat people fairly, not buy into the cliquism and appreciate and treat supporters with respect. Instead he allowed himself to be swayed by the greedy ambitions of the clique and by so doing has disappointed many. Shame shame shame.

  4. I don’t know why these politicians continue to lie to the people. Everyone knows that these appointments are for the creme de la creme of the SLP and has absolutely nothing to do with foreign policy or domestic needs. These appointments are for the FFF who sit around just waiting whilst the silly little nationalists and those who genuinely want better for their country, pour their heart and soul into fighting for their country, and put their lives on the line only to be kicked to the curb once these vultures get in power. Then the members of the boys and girls club step forward to reap rewards of the sweat of others. This has always been the way of this party and will continue unabated because we have a weak PM who is too afraid of his skin to stand for anything. When we thought we were voting for better all we got was a 6 for a 9. We voted one cabal out and got another cabal in. Now you minister of external affairs who failed in this post before, I expect nothing different from you. Under your watch a diplomat was appointed that you knew nothing about, that’s how little clout you had…yet you come here talking about domestic needs? Boy in your own words…sit dong!

  5. Alva Alba Bava. You have incompetent and illeducated fools running your policy and you expect domestic needs to be met? wasnt that the same political jabals that the SLP employed before who cannot and do not know the job. who do you think you people are fooling? the volaire is badly in need of clarke support for PM position so he must give the fat wife who know nothing a position for which she is not qualified. not once. but twice. Menissa is anthony darling. so he must keep paying poo-sea price and keep her in position. then there are the old ones nearing 70 and 80 who care about nothing except drawing more government money cause they are addicted to it. You SLP people expect any kind of respect overseas and domestic development? are you loonies in you all right minds? you people need hope. golden hope.

  6. I think Tee- Ground God is throwing stones at PJP for his photo Op with Joe Biden. Ground God, stop!!!

  7. As far as I can remember, over the years, the official foreign policy of St. Lucia (whether under UWP or SLP) amounted to approaching any foreigner, arm out-stretched, tin cup in hand, to beg for alms in the most self-deprecating manner!

  8. Man you’re a liar and serpent. How is it then that all your friends got posts and the wives and friends of the other ministers and executive members got posts. Stop lying to the people. How then are these appointments about policy direction and domestic needs. There are more about personal needs of your FFF. Don’t insult our intelligence. This government has sold out to the highest bidder and have become a cesspool of corruption, lies and deceit. Hard working people are cast aside in favor of square pegs in round holes. No longer does experience, qualification and good character matter. It is about rewarding friends. Five years is not forever.

  9. Man yall pissing in people eye and calling it rain. Trying to use words to sound intelligent when all you’re doing is being deceptive. So what are your best pals pel and dubois if not empty associations and political favors? Isn’t it the same for Liz clack clack ,mangal, montrope and rambally? All these appointments are political favors and buddy rewards. It is like these people’s names are written on these posts as long as SLP is in power. I detest liars and this is exactly what this government is. Stop trying to insult our intelligence. These appointments have nothing to do with domestic needs and policy and yall know it. Waiting to see the reward to TW for his aiding and abetting the rover guy. There are persons more suited to these positions but this crooked cabal does not like straight laced and honest! Plus there are those who decide who gets what and make people look bad to justify the selection of his friends. I regret voting this useless cabal. At least under Chas all soldiers were appreciated. I hope the first place you send the much awaited special prosecutor is London to investigate what went on there circa 2013 to 2016. Hypocrites

    • @Never voting SLP again this man is just a showoff talking big trying to impress when he knows is pure BS and lies. Like you said it is all about the his fff and the wives and jabals of these ministers. In all those who they send back to the different embassies that was there before which ones did you see out there fighting for change. Where fragis who was fighting on the ground from dsh to pitons. This slp party is to wicked to one set

  10. BS baffles brains!
    This is a statement of unadulterated rubbish.
    With 1000 pretty words this perennial buffoon basically says foreign policy must be geared towards helping the country’s development.

    Empty shells make the most noise best describes this clown. His track record after 5 previous years in the same position speakes volumes about talk travel and take as best described by John Compton.
    If you believe this wannabe George Odlum will do anything for St Lucia during this further term in office – well I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn!
    He will draw his salary and perks of $1,000,000+ over the next 5 years and add zero zilch nada to our development- that is a guarantee you can bank on.

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