Dominica Prepared To Leave Borders Closed Until December

ROSEAU, Dominica (CMC) — The Dominica government says it is prepared to close the island until December even as it announced plans to re-open its borders to international travel in August.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said that Dominica cannot afford another wave of the virus that killed 516,000 people and infected nearly 11 million people since it was first detected in December last year in China.

While Dominica recorded 18 positive cases of the virus, the island, like many other countries worldwide, locked down its borders in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus.

Government announced that the borders will be opened to international travel on August 15 and Skerrit said it is imperative that Dominica maintains the protocols put in place to deal with the impact of the virus here.

“We have to keep studying what is happening in the rest of the world and whether there is a resurgence of the COVID-19. You see what is happening in Europe, they have decided they are opening but they will open up to certain countries and they have named those countries.

“So every country is mindful of this thing, every country is wary of it because one of the main things we have to avoid in Dominica is for there to be a reason to shut down the country again. This would not be good for us and therefore we need to avoid this.

“If it means we have to keep Dominica closed to the rest of the world until December, we will do so and as we have always done set aside the economic considerations because we do not want to have more of this COVID-19 in Dominica,” he said.

Skerrit said it was necessary for Dominicans to appreciate that “once you open there are risks associated (and) what we are seeking to do as a government is to mitigate against those risks and to put measures in place to mitigate against those risks”.

“We will never be able to eliminate it 100 per cent but we are seeking to minimise the risks associated with re-opening,” he added.

Meanwhile, National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore has hinted at the possibility of an order being issued compelling all persons to wear masks in public.

He said as the island re-opens its borders to accommodate returning nationals on July 15, it was imperative that citizens do not become complacent.

“Notwithstanding the end of the curfew order, we are also contemplating the issuing of an order …to mandate that all people to wear masks in public places because as we open our borders, notwithstanding all the systems we have put in place we are also opening to the risk associated so we have to ensure that the requisite protocols are maintained and also adhered to,” he said.


  1. well they have no international airport. only LIAT goes to dominica. and skerrit have other ways of making money including his many passport schemes. unlike dominica we are a modern country and we cant hide away from the world. he probably get some cash from the chinese to keep dominica closed for their own purpose. barbados is already opened. so we must go ahead while taking precautions.

  2. Dominica run and hide yes I don’t blame all. 50.000 people got infected yesterday alone in the US. Texas running out of beds the virus mutating big time. Save yull money and live within yull means if you can until December we can’t do that Chastanet put us in debt and the creditors want their monies.

    • I couldn’t agree with u more. Chas put us in debt. Before Chas we had no debt. He shud hv stayed with the Chinese like Skerrit, maybe even now we would have tens of thousands of Chinese here and we would be now even hv wild meat markets here instead of those Taiwanese and their orchid at Union.

      • SLP came in in 1997 and got a country with no debt and 9 years later they left saint Lucia with 11 billion in debt. Uwp came back in and reduce the debt and then you’ll kick them out again for SLP to increase the debt once more and you saying that the man who have not added to the debt but reduce is the one whe puts the country in debt. Man you are lying through your ***

  3. dominica is the only caribbean country that can go hide because nothing going on in that place. nada. maybe st vincent a close second. not much going on there either. in lucia , barbados, grenada , a nice little island with few crime, and so many others, we cant afford to hide and shut borders like skeerit

    • Few crime? lol…as much as I agree with you that Dominica is very underdeveloped at least they can boast their extremely low crime rate and (terrible) crime rate too. But there are people who rely on tourism, don’t pretend like everyone just sitting on their a***s.

  4. Dominica is with you and your cabinet, PM Skerrit. We have shown the world how to manage this crisis and we are confident that, with your leadership, Dominica will continue to be an example to all, especially to those “modern” Caribbean islands. Lead the way, Skerro!! We are with you.

    • A hurricane came and drove businesses away, a university left and took even more business away. Now your PM is talking about remaining close until December which is 6 months away. By all means if island finances allow it, go ahead but I see a lot of complaints ahead and I hope you won’t be one of them.

      • Like. This Camron McShane sounds liek one of skerrit’s loyal, ignorant/paid supporters or live out of the Caribbean.

      • Mr. CFO, what my PM has said with regards to our current COVID status is consistent with what many Dominicans think: Health over wealth. We are used to disasters in Dominica and each time we bounce back up, not because we do not feel the pain but because we know how to mobilize, organize, and revitalize. Of course, Allie need not take my word for it, just have a look at how we have handled recent disasters in the last five years. BTW, Allie, did you say that Dominica is “underdeveloped?” Have you checked our stats lately? Super proud to be Dominican yesterday, today, and forever. Forward we go, Skerro! We are with you.

  5. I hate this! Pitting one sister island against another. Brethren we are all in this together. United we stand, divided we fall. Let’s unite!

  6. Stop that s*** you lier. Lucia pm did the best in this hard times and Lucia is the only one the people are not paying to quarantine. Lucia have an economic growth of 1.37 in this hard times and in good times we can’t even manage 0.01, our gdp is 0.00 so don’t lie about your country. Under labour Lucia is always backwards, under workers it’s always flying. Lucia is doing better than all other Caribbean countries and you coming here and lie to us like we are fools. Stop support labour and support works

  7. Keep your beautiful Island safe…Lockdown is hard but Dominica is one of the global sucess stories, you have been wise and diligent, dont be tempted to follow US UK and Europe by opening up too soon.
    It’s hard economically but you are a hardy people devoted to your divine island. Keep it exactly that way. Stay safe and keep well.

  8. with no international airport and no LIAT, even if Dominica open up for business how tourist are gonna get here? We gotta wait for ferries to reopen so we can catch a connecting flight in St Lucia or Guadeloupe. Because people aint gonna come here, the flood gates will open and people will leave. But the country have plenty money because look Skerrit making the gov’t pay $52,000 per month for him to rent his own house. Dominica may be backward, but we have it sweet!!!

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