Sunday, January 26, 2020

Dominica Ruling Party Romps To Victory

The ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) has won a landslide election victory, according to  results from the Dominica Electoral Office.

The results showed the party of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit winning 18 of the 21 legislative seats.

The opposition United Workers’ Party  of Lennox Linton lost three seats, managing to hold on to three.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s  wife, Melissa Skerrit, a first-time candidate, won the Roseau Central seat in her first ever political outing.

The Dominica elections on Friday were marked by unrest as protesters demanded electoral reform.

Just one day before the poll, two persons were reported injured in a confrontation between police and demonstrators.

Prime Minister Skerrit, in a televised address Friday night, announced that victory celebrations would be put on hold.

He said there will be a day of National Peace, Prayer, Reconciliation and Healing on Sunday.

Describing the election campaign as “bruising” the Dominica PM declared that given the fear and intimidation created by the opposition, his countrymen chose not to stay home and came out and voted.

He held out an olive branch to UWP leader, Lennox Linton, saying that he looked forward to inviting him to early discussions “as we all seek to unite the nation.



  1. It is only in Dominica can a maniac who treats the nation of Dominica as his own harem, his personal bank account to enrich himself and his many women and cronies, become PM for the 3rd time in a row. You Dominicans have a problem. skeerit is just a symptom of this larger malaise in you all society. You people will never wake up. it appears that you all are very different and more backward than other caribbean islands. I know your population small, but so is st.kitts and they have shown themsleves not to mess at the polls. away for Dominicans today every single one of you should hang you all heads in shame because not only have you failed yourselves, your country and your children, you have proven moronic to the rest of the caribbean and the world. you all big mouth is only for destruction. Proud to be a born Lucian.

    • Dear Proud Born Lucian,
      If the state of affairs in St. Lucia wasn’t so grave and serious, your comment would be very hilarious. You talk about Dominica, a country that was once considered to be the second poorest country in the western hemisphere (economically) and experienced a number of major natural disasters in the past decade YET is on the rise under this very same government; what about YOUR man-made disaster that you created as a result of your last election? YOU have a government that chose HORSES OVER HUMANS… over health care. You healthcare system is in literal shambles.
      You talk about the PM of Dominica enriching himself and his many women and cronies… what about the deal that YOUR PM made, giving away lands to an investor that has INVESTED NO MONEY into an investment that will only benefit your PM and HIS family etc? You talk about Dominicans failing themselves, their country and their children…what about the deal that your grandchildren will feel the negative effects of? Your government condones the lewd and lascivious of one of their senators but persecutes the barely legal female (I don’t don’t condone her actions either)…the same senator that repeated a similar act after this AND was involved in a WiPay Scandal… is your head hanging heavy with shame yet? You definitely have intestinal fortitude to talk!
      The opposition in Dominica not only lost the election, they lost THREE (3) seats that they held previously! What does THAT say? The Dominica Labour Party ran a campaign continued good government and improving social and economic condition, which they have been doing for the less than fortunate/able citizen (which the opposition deemed as a waste of money) Meanwhile the opposition promised to stop all the projects and that every household would receive xcd$25,000. With approximately 30,000 households that works out to be about xcd$750,000,000 (now where they planned to get that money from?…and isn’t that much more of a waste of money?) The opposition encouraged their supporters to commit acts of lawlessness, rioting and to “die” for their “rights; succeeding in damaging the image and reputation of Dominica, which is as pristine as the waters that run through the island.
      Let’s hope YOU take a page out of their playbook and use it next time you get the chance at the polls, but I am not very optimistic that YOU would do anything different. Your lack of intellectual fortitude coupled with you Stockholm’s Syndrome and Willie Lynch Syndrome is bound to keep you from truly being “free”
      My dear friend, please remove the BEAM THAT IS IN YOUR OWN EYE before trying to remove the speck in another’s.

      All the love and peace in the world
      By the way…I am a Lucian too *wink*

      • All the drivel that you have posted regarding St.Lucia amounts to moot. Go check yourself for stock-holm syndrome because your un-natural affinity for phallic worship and corruption cannot be normal. Coupled with that, a test for HSV viremia is called for. An Encephalitis Society might help. Afterall someone has to make sense of the verbal garbage that you have posted. Surely you are masquerading as either of three things ; one of the women or men who owe their position to Skeerit. for the women it is lying on their backs always. And for the men, bowing down to Skeerit. The third possibility is that you are simply one of his own ilk that can never get away with this here in St. Lucia for sure. While talking about government condoning acts, go ask the hundreds of thousands of Dominicans to pardon you for the millions that the government has in several deals, all for personal benefits.

  2. Dominicans voted for more progress. Well done! Corruption blah blah blah..both parties corrupt! But in the last three years they have surpassed St Lucia in terms of development since devastating Maria. What do we have to show for our CIP money? Not even a hospital…all we got was horses. Y’all all up in Dominica business but the voluers ripping off Saint Lucia and leaving our sick to die, y’all not seeing that one. Dominica y’all right! Better the devil you know that the angel you don’t know.

  3. Why would any legitimate investor now consider Dominica as a good place to invest when this election clearly proves that the majority of Dominican condom corruption and are indeed corrupt! The country will now only attract conmen and crooks who love corrupted environments. Dominica very, very tough times ahead for you all. SM#H.

  4. First question to ask is: were the elections rigged? Considering how long this guy has been around and corrupt it is claimed he is I would safely bet that is a logical conclusion. I understand there were tons of irregularities with even dead people voting. But that result will forever be tarnished not like this guy would care. It’s time to kick Dominica out of the OECS. We don’t want that kind of stupid permeating other islands. Lucians over to you. Show them how to vote one bunch of crooks out for another bunch of crooks.

  5. Dominica should be removed from the oecs. To deny the people of reform then still hold the elections. This man doesnt care about anyone but himself. The other Oecs ministers should be ashamed. How can a member state operate like this. NO ID CARDS. We really are living in the end times.

  6. Unless they can prove corruption, the people seemed to have spoken. They actually gained seats. Not sure about the politics of the place but it looks likes the majority knows something we don’t know. Who feels it knows it…so the majority must know.

    • My sentiment exactly. You can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Losing seats AND in a UWP strong hold at that…says a lot. The people are not stupid. The understand country first…not party first.

  7. Never saw a nation so blind by bribe and corruption. The Aljareeza report exposed corruption in office and the nation voted like its business as usual. And you wonder why disaster have an eye for Dominica. Repent people turn from your evil ways and call evil by its name God is long suffering and gracious.but he will not tolerate your wicked ways forever. REPENT.

  8. The average West Indian believes that there is such a thing as an acceptable level of corruption. Hence the disfunction and growing crime statistics. The everybody for themself mentality and the old but accurate adage like crabs in a bucket prevails. There is no longer a real sense of community or a appreciation of the need for cooperation for sustainable nation-building. We are all desperate to outshine and out consume each other. So sad!

    • Simply because we are all involved in some measure of lawlessness. Black people don’t like order. Plain and simple.

  9. @Choops …Like that one touch a nerve. LOL! How come UWP in St. Lucia toting feelings like.its them that lose the election? The person is right on point… check yourself before you check some one else

  10. Dominicans still went and voted in elections despite the corruption on both sides. No wonder we are treated like dogs in the Caribbean. The white people try to treat us like we have integrity but we just go and prove we are the stereotypes. The Dominican people are okay with politicians selling them out, selling their country. Skerrit takes 90% of the pie and leaves the crumbs for everyone else.

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