Thursday, February 20, 2020

Dorian’s Death Toll In The Bahamas Rises


NASSAU, Bahamas,  (Reuters) – Hurricane Dorian’s rampage through the Bahamas last week killed at least 50 people, largely on the hard-hit Great Abaco Island, an official said yesterday.

That is up from the last-reported figure of 45, Carl Smith, a spokesman for the islands’ National Emergency Management Agency, told reporters.

Evacuees, rescue workers and officials widely expect the number to climb higher as more bodies are pulled from the rubble of a demolished neighborhood in Marsh Harbour in Abaco.

Dorian pummeled the Bahamas with 200-mile-per-hour (320-km-per-hour) winds. It was one of the strongest Caribbean hurricanes on record and stands as the worst disaster in Bahamian history.

As relief efforts got underway slowly, stirring frustration among locals, several Bahamians said they might attempt to emigrate to the United States rather than face an uncertain rebuilding at home.

It is not clear whether U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration, which has sought to severely curtail legal and illegal immigration, will smooth their path.

But a growing chorus of Congress members, including Florida Republicans Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, have called for a suspension of visa requirements to help reunite stranded Bahamians with U.S. relatives.

Some 70,000 people were in need of food and shelter, the World Food Programme estimated.

Private forecasters estimated that some $3 billion in insured property was destroyed or damaged in the Caribbean.


  1. And here some Lucians were taking this storm warning as a joke. It’s so sad what happened and we should take heed!

  2. I hope relief comes soon for the people of the Bahamas because many lives are at stake. Every year storms, hurricanes, floods, fire, tsunami, tornadoes remind us that we should worship God and keep him first, instead of workshiping material things that can destroyed in less than no time.

  3. Dat, bwoyyyyyyy trump hurricane or not he not letting them in? His racist to the core facts, be lucky Bahamas

  4. According to what i read on this last report it looks like some Bahamainions are no different than our own saint Lucians they want everything to be done right away they have no patience the people is trying their best to help the affected ones looking for help all over the world to bring comfort to the helpless yet still they’re cretisizing complaining OMG what are we in this world. Am always saying if Christ should ever walk in this Earth again this time they will not crucified him they would cremate him
    Look how they cretisizing and complaining over everything the government is trying to do giving all kinds of cretisim they’re unrest.want want want never stop blaming always want more pay for doing sweet forcol procrastinating all day give them to count cars they seeing too many cars sitting in the office scratching their B… and C….ts and to top it off blaming the government for not performing. Atell U.

  5. You know after all these days it gets easier to find the bodies of the dead,make sure you dont have the flu,because they smell like hell.The sharks must have had a field day also,there are to many around those islands,and the dive shops love to feed them.This time they took the food

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