Thursday, October 6, 2022

Dr. Ernest Hilaire Says Saint Lucia Broke, But For Some

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Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, has asserted that Saint Lucia is only broke when it comes to some individuals.

Just recently the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) quoted Prime Minister Allen Chastanet as saying in a national broadcast on Sunday that Saint Lucia is broke.

But in an interview with the Jamaica Observer, Chastanet denied having said so.

Dr. Ernest Hilaire in a post on his official Facebook page this week, repeated opposition claims that the focus of the current administration is on friends, family and foreigners – dubbed FFF.

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“The County is broke but for some! Not the FFF!” He asserted.

Hilaire’s post is reproduced below:

Over the last few days you would have observed works taking place in the Rodney Bay area. 

I am told it involves road widening and roundabouts.

Now that is all good, but not when we are broke, not when we have a vast majority of our working population unemployed and frustrated, not when we cannot provide computers or tablets to our students, not when we cannot put in place an economic stimulus for our country, not when the debt burden of the country is staggering and unreported.

The pill is made harder to swallow when you learn of the usual suspects and direct awards.

What is it with Allen Chastanet and the UWP Government and direct awards to their FFFs, why not competitive bidding to ensure that Saint Lucia gets the best possible price and not these over inflated contracts.

If that approach is what is called a Fresh Start, we do not want it. Can someone tell us how much this project is costing? How is it being financed?

Is it Stephenson King’s Ministry overseeing the project or is it Guy Joseph’s Ministry? At least can an information board be put up with project details.

The immediate needs of the people must come first, you must come first. Parents still don’t have devices for their children, communities still don’t have wifi, some school children still don’t have uniforms to go to school, some school children don’t have meals before they go to school.

Allen must go!



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