Thursday, August 18, 2022

Dr. Hilaire Affirms The Importance Of Agriculture

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by Jacques Hinkson-Compton, GIS

Minister for Tourism, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire, said recently that research indicates the agriculture sector is one of the largest employers of the world as it is critically connected to other industries. The minister lamented the extraordinary cost of the island’s food import bill and conveyed the country’s need to focus on food security.

“There are four pillars of food security. Let us focus on it. The first is food availability, which means having available the quantity and quality of food that is needed. It takes into consideration domestic production, import capacity, food aid and stocks. The second is food accessibility, which means having the physical and economic ability to access food. This is determined by transportation and the movement of food, infrastructure, markets, foods, income, and the purchasing power of the population. The third pillar, food utilization, is ensuring that food is nutritious and wholesome, and it must be adequately utilized by the body. Concentration is placed on food safety measures, food quality, the nutritional health of food and value to the consumer. The fourth pillar, food supply stability, ensures there is access to a constant and stable supply of good quality and wholesome foods for all.”

Dr. Hilaire asserts the need to address food security considering the issues of global food security and food price inflation.

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“Therefore, as a nation, if we are to address food security we have to enhance and strengthen all of the four areas I just mentioned. At the broader level our government has actioned some practical and strategic activities to improve food security. There is $8 million today invested in the construction of the Volet Agricultural Station where livestock production, especially pigs and small ruminant production will be at the fore, to ensure less reliance on imported meats. The completion of the National Agricultural Diagnostic Facility (NADF) will provide research, solutions to pest and disease which affects the growth of plants and the yield of crops, and will advise on food safety. There are two champions for this facility—the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Commerce both ensured that the resources were given to advance the work on that facility.”

Dr. Hilaire’s remarks were delivered at Saint Lucia’s 2022 Mango Expo.

Source: Government Information Service

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  1. Little loves little !
    The Son of Man came eating and drinking and you say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkered….. But wisdom is proved by all her children.”
    “To what,then,can I compare the people of this generation ? What are they like ? They are like children sitting in the market place and calling out to each other :
    ” ‘We played the flute for you
    and you did not dance ;
    We sang a dirge,
    and you did not cry .’

  2. I don’t think that the Dr. Is only now realizing the importance of agriculture. I think that he is educating the 43%.

  3. This fool is preying on the ignorance of most lucians with all your degrees now you realize the importance of agriculture this country needs help.

  4. Only the word of God can satisfied the emptyness in us :
    To all farmers,labourers, agriculteurs and agricultrices, with great encouragements :
    May the LORD be beautiful and glorious,and the fruit of the land be your pride.
    May the good LORD bless the works of your hands, for this is your lot under the 🌞sun.
    ❗And don’t give the crops too much pesticides (well grow).
    Our health is life,God is watching.

  5. As the number one industry on the planet … I find it utterly HARD TO BELIEVE that our government officials have only now realised “through research” (?!?!) how important Agriculture really is. I find Mr Hilaire’s remarks really laughable, hilarious, and downright disrespectful (in every sense of the words). I am dumbfounded by his comments.

    Garments is the second largest industry on the planet. Don’t the St Lucian dolts realise that the so-called superpowers on the planet’s chief industry is AGRICULTURE??

    AGRICULTURE is not only for food, but for humanity’s health and wellness, housing, furniture and clothing; from which a number of other sub industries are derived. Hilaire is advertising his stupidity and, and, and …. what else?

  6. Sometimes I wonder about these so called bright boys…. it took a recent study for you to realise the importance of agriculture and food security? These clowns, who sadly I voted for, are showing clearly they should never be in power and we need to ensure this never happens again. But when it comes to nepotism and volairism they are on top of their game eh. Regrets, regrets, regrets…if I did know.

  7. Terrorism, pandemics and wars will bring tourism to an inevitable stand still. Agriculture will certainly be the only financial way out.

  8. Has this guy been marooned on Antarctica that he only now realizes the importance of food security? Brrrr!

    • @prober, I take strong objection to you referring to Hilaire as a pussy. And I don’t care if its two legs or four. I understand he looks sly and fierce enough to think that he is one of the four legs but don’t forget that the four legs can be very loving and clever. But again I know you must be thinking of crafty, naughty and mischievous. Now it certainly cannot be two-legged. If it is two-legged you thinking it seems that you don’t know about them. They are so delicate and likable.
      I would suggest that you call him a prick. But then again, some people might object and say its because I have never had a prick.
      So just call the man a power hungry, self-serving idiot. He and Richard are the only two things wrong in the current government.


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