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Dr. James Fletcher Featured In Exhibition of Global Changemakers

Press Release:-Dr James Fletcher is among the selected global leaders featured in a photography exhibition opening in London’s Noho Showrooms on 14 March, it has been announced.

The exhibition, called ‘Changemakers: 35 visions of global leadership’, will feature 35 specially-commissioned portraits of UK-educated leaders taken by photographers from all over the world.

The images, accompanied by reflections on their time spent studying in the UK, demonstrate the strength and global appeal of UK higher education, along with the UK’s commitment to welcoming talented individuals from around the world.

Other leaders featured in the exhibition include the current President of Costa Rica; founder of an association supporting teens in Jamaica; Botswana’s youngest ever government minister; a Sundance and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker; the first female judge in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan; and a winner of the Commonwealth Young Person of the Year award.

The exhibition celebrates the international ties forged through 35 years of the UK Government’s Chevening Scholarships programme.

Chevening was established in 1983 to help identify and develop future world leaders in a variety of fields. Since then, the programme has enabled 50,000 future leaders to transform their careers and their communities.

Louise Thomson, Head of Programme Management, said: ‘The spirit of 50,000 Chevening Alumni around the world is exemplified through our 35 changemakers.

‘From defending human rights, to campaigning for climate justice and countering extremism, those featured in our exhibition are diverse, but there is one thing that unites them: they have made the most of their UK education, and are using it to drive positive change in their home countries.’


  1. Congratulations. Hoping and wishing you come back into the political arena in Lucia.

    However I wouldn’t fault you for a minute if you didn’t, slightly contradictory but hey.

    St Lucia needs you and like minded, non partisan individuals DESPERATELY.

    We are being raped by the current administration.

  2. Here is a man with a great intelligence and I presume integrity.Now I have to stop with the sugar,right there,because when you were part of goverment,you were part of a lot of nonsence that took place.So I ask myself why ? if you were there,why did you not intervine to stop your irresponsible partners in all the waste of public money.Is this a character issue you have,is this your weakness.? You have to have something hanging in between your legs,if you want to be someone and be respected.Your a good man but….

    • The Mighty Sparrow , in his Calypso ,” Well Spoken Moppers ” refered to the likes of you as ” high perpettical asses”. I presume he was lamenting there are the indisputable fact that there are amidst persons of high intellect and remarkable achievement a sprinkling of idiots who lack substance and live their lives devoid of enterprise. The great philosopher, Plato wrote ” An empty vessel makes the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit, are the greatest babblers”. I personally believe that not only are you without substance,but alas the greatness of other peoples intellect and brilliance is a ready source of intimidation and bewilderment to you and the likes of you. … not your fault, we are all born ignorant and shallow. Wisdom,knowledge are available in abundance , albeit in and on a level playing field. There are distinct differences between those who have the grasp, and those who,despite their God given abilities and opportunities, are content to just sit back and ridicule the conscientious achievers. Dr. James Fletcher has indeed made a worthy contribution towards positive change in our otherwise troubled world. We St.Lucians should be justly proud and applaud him for his WORTHY contribution.

  3. Let us as St. Lucian’s begin to focus on the positive and encourage progress. It is a great accomplishment to be recognized and the benefits to St. Lucia cannot be measured. Our Island has the potential for greatness, but this can only be accomplished through our people. Always remember the negative experiences are learnings that we should focus on internally and find other ways to make things better. The positive results should be promoted to the world on the Island’s path to greatness. Congratulations to Dr.James Fletcher, encourage our youth to aspire!

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