Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Dr. Keith Mitchell Congratulates New Grenada Prime Minister

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Former Grenada Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has congratulated the National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader, Dickon Mitchell, on the party’s election win.

The NDC swept to power in Thursday’s poll by a 9-6 margin.

In a statement on Friday, Dr. Mitchell’s opposition New National Party (NNP) said the former Grenada leader and new Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell spoke via telephone on Friday morning.

According to the NNP, Dr. Mitchell offered best wishes to his successor.

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“Dr. Mitchell said the elections are a testimony to the strength of Grenadian democracy. He said the people have spoken, and now he is willing to give the new government his support in promoting policies and programs that will be for the benefit of the nation,” the NNP release stated.

It quoted former Prime Minister Mitchell saying he fully understands the pressures and expectations of the job.

And Dr. Mitchell promised to play a constructive role as Opposition Leader – stating that any opposition would be on philosophical issues that he thought might be in the better interest of the country.

“Dr. Mitchell told the Prime Minister-elect that he can rest assured that it will be nothing personal. He said while he understands every new government will come with different ideas and approaches, he will like the new administration to positively consider not dismantling programs that especially benefit ordinary people the most,” the NNP stated.

The opposition party disclosed that former Prime Minister Mitchell ended the telephone call with the new Grenada leader, saying that any success would benefit the entire nation.

Headline photo (L to R) Dickon Mitchell & Dr. Keith Mitchell

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  1. Is this Lodge thing still alive in the Islands? I remember as a child how some members of the family were Lodge members, and how they held this thing in such reverence, they called it the Secret Society; if I were to talk about such to my sons, they would laugh at me. Two of my grand daughters are heading to University this Fall, one to do Meds the other Law. Looking back at the dart days in St. Lucia where being a Lodge member had benefits attached. Many of us struggled doing both work and Professional Studies at the same time; we depended on that piece of paper to get into the door, not being a lodge member. My God provided all my needs.

  2. How exactly will nepotism end when you are just another brother of the lodge?

    Asking for a friend

    Another Freemason brother running another small island nation, trying to piss in the eyes.

    You haven’t even started yet and you are lying already!


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