Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dr. Keith Mondesir Backs SLP Protest March Despite COVID-19 Concerns

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Former Saint Lucia Health Minister, Dr. Keith Mondesir, has come out in support of a planned national protest march on Sunday by the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), despite concerns expressed on social media about the likely transmission of COVID-19.

The former Minister stated that COVID-19 has not been detected in any local community.

“We have it under control,” Mondesir declared.

The SLP, in announcing the national protest march, said that COVID-19 protocols will be observed.

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The party also urged participants to wear masks.

“We have no infections over the last two, three months,” former Health Minister, Dr. Keith Mondesir, asserted.

“We don’t have one community that is infected,” he told St Lucia Times, adding that there is no reason to ‘enslave us’.

“It’s not like America – the people don’t listen. They go out there and they are heavily infected – we are not infected,” Mondesir observed.

He told St Lucia Times he sees no reason why the planned protest march, for which the SLP says it has received permission from the Police Commissioner, should not go ahead.

“We should have it, especially at a time when they are implementing laws to restrict the lives of people for a long time – for two years. We should have to demonstrate,” Mondesir, who is also a former Home Affairs Minister stated.

It was a clear reference to the controversial COVID-19 Protection and Control Bill that was passed Tuesday in parliament over concerns from the SLP, the Saint Lucia Bar Association and the Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association (SLHTA).

There were calls for the bill to be deferred and for public consultation on the measure.

According to Mondesir, the problem is the decision by the Allen Chastanet administration to open this country’s borders to the United States and Europe.

He described the move as irresponsible and akin to sacrificing citizens for a few dollars.

“I find it very irresponsible to open your people to something that they don’t have,” the former United Workers Party (UWP) Anse La Raye-Canaries MP declared.

He suggested that Saint Lucia develop its internal economy, including beefing up the agriculture sector, until the COVID-19 global pandemic is under control.

Mondesir called on the current UWP administration to close Saint Lucia’s borders.

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