Dr. Kenny Anthony Bemoans The Impact Of Crime And Violence On The Society

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has lamented the impact of crime and violence on the country and society in an address to last week’s 38th Annual Education Conference of the National Principals’ Association.

The Vieux Fort South MP spoke amid a surge in violent crime in Saint Lucia, resulting in 31 homicides.

Several fatal shootings, including the most recent that claimed the life of 31-year-old Nervic Louis, 31, have occurred in Anthony’s constituency.

“If we are not careful, this Island will become ungovernable, consumed and crippled by the violence which surrounds us in our homes and in our communities,” the former University of the West Indies Law Lecturer warned.

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“It is true that the failure to contain crime and violence is not unique to us. It is a regional problem and perhaps if you ask me, it evidences the greatest failure of public policy makers cross our region. It is a most palpable failure of this generation of political leaders and prime ministers across our region. No one seems to have answers,” he observed.

Just last week, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre held talks in Barbados with Regional Security System (RSS) officials to discuss cooperation on crime management.

In announcing the Barbados meeting, his office said Pierre remains committed to ensuring citizen safety.

And Pierre, responsible for National Security, observed the need to tackle particularly violent gun crime scientifically and as a public health concern.

“The timely prosecution and just punishment of crime will also be utilised to signal this administration’s intent on protecting citizens, communities and the reputation of Saint Lucia,” the release from the Office of the Saint Lucia Prime Minister said.

In addition, it noted that during the upcoming Sitting of Parliament scheduled for July, the Government would introduce legislation to cause stiffer penalties for illegal firearm and ammunition possession.

According to the release, the Government expects bipartisan support from the Opposition on the proposed Bill to equip the Judiciary with the legal tools to ‘put away’ perpetrators.

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  1. Kenny it’s your actions that have made the State ungovernable. You divided Vieux Fort into ghettos and when it was right for you to get more votes you called the gangs together knowing full well that it was only a matter of time when the violence would resurface.

  2. God’s intention is for humanity to be in close relationship with him and in harmony with the rest of creation.
    Jesus is called ‘ Immanuel’, which means “God with us”.
    “The time has come. The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news !”
    God said to Abraham, Through your Offspring all peoples on earth will be blessed.
    When God raised up his servant (s),he sent Jesus,he sent him first to us to bless us by turning each of us from our wicked ways (wickedness”.

  3. Can’t deal with them in the schools! Educators are helpless between student rights and no corporal punishment. Can’t deal with them in the streets! Human rights? Police brutality?!!!

    What do you expect? You leaders have created this ungovernable society!

  4. good luck with that cause all now so shots was just ringing in vieux fort letting people know they have things. all on the side walk is just spent shells. its like the fellas were collecting all these bullets and as if they were going to expire soon so they just knocking shots in the air

  5. The criminals have been ORCinit now for how many homicides31 something…it’s time the RSLPF does the same! St Lucias Reputation is on the line. The world is watching and listening! SMH Focus on WasCO as well.

    • Yes the world is watching and what will the US do if St Lucia police force decides to do ORC part 2. They will not only sanction the officers this time, they would sanction the whole of St Lucia, banning certain goods sales to us and leaving us in poverty. Thats why government not just parents play a big role in why the crime rate is so high, greed and cluelessness.

  6. A lot of things will have to be revamped, turned inside out. Some Elected members should resign and bring in some fresh non-aliened persons to fill that gap. We immediately need outside help for policing. (lend some black cops from the U.K. and Canada at no cost to us, but we can and should pay Cubans) six to twelve should do it. We are paying for turning our backs on the Almighty, one warning things can get worse. No modern Hospital in V/Fort!!!!!!

  7. Oh Sir! At every elections you have in your campaign Teachers, professional musicians including music teachers, coaches of all sports descipline and most importantly huge business owners. Why did the youth in your constituency of VFort South go astray under your watch as MP and 15 years as Prime Minister.

  8. Kenny Antony should have realized that his selfish actions aimed at returning the SLP into office by whatever means necessary, would have inadvertently destroyed the Police Force. But he wasn’t concerned about the fallout of his selfish action and the lives which he destroyed in the process. Ten years on and the RSLPF is at it’s weakest all due to the selfish and vindictive actions of one man. He never thought that he would have felt the direct impact of his actions, right at home in Vieux Fort. And now he wants to meet with with the weakened leaders of the very organization he destroyed, to encourage them to do more to fight the crime wave hitting us. But you know what? Not one of these leaders are willing to do anything to help the same man and party that so willingly and selfishly destroyed them. The memory of IMPACS in still fresh on their minds. The end result – we now have to turn to outside help. What a shame.

    • The irony of the situation is that some of the same political opponents that he tried to use ORC to undermine are now sitting comfortably in his party’s cabinet


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