Dr. Kenny Anthony Criticises Government Over End To Student Laptop Programme

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony, declaring that the Allen Chastanet administration was the one that ended the laptop programme for students, has questioned why a government would take such action.

Anthony was addressing a virtual meeting of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Sunday night.

“Why would a government do something like this? Strip children of their right to get laptops. What drives Chastanet?” The Vieux Fort South MP asked.

“What drives the UWP that it would do something like that?” Anthony stated.

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“Remember their famous slogan? They said children cannot eat laptops,” he recalled.

But Anthony declared that the truth was that they never wanted the SLP to be recorded in history as the government which elevated the opportunities of education for the children of the poor.

He said they did not understand what it means for a child who lived the Mang, Bruceville or Backadere Vieux Fort to have a laptop and be able to seek the same information that a child in Norway, France, Holland, England, Canada, or elsewhere would have.

“But I say to you, our passion for education must live on,” Anthony, a former teacher and UWI law lecturer asserted.

“Our passion for education must never die, because it liberates us, it liberates our children,” he stated.

According to the former PM, the record of the former labour administration speaks for itself.

He noted that the labour government was the one that built the most schools, abolished the shift system and introduced universal secondary education.

However, Anthony said the United Workers Party of ‘the Chastanets’ has betrayed Saint Lucia.

“Discarded the ideals we once knew as a nation, exposed us to ridicule and contempt by the actions and utterances of Chastanet himself,” he asserted.

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