Dr. Kenny Anthony ‘Deeply Saddened’ By ‘Molotov Cocktail’ Attack On Catholic Church

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Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, says he is deeply saddened and disturbed by an arsonist’s attempt to set alight the interior of the Church of the Lady of Assumption in Vieux Fort on Sunday ‘during the celebration of the Holy Mass.’

In a statement on his Facebook page, the former Prime Minister and Vieux Fort South MP said it is understood that the individual in question used improvised “Molotov Cocktails’ to carry out his act.

“It must have been particularly distressing that this incident occurred on a special Sunday, like ‘Mother’s Day’,” Anthony said.

“No attack on any church should be tolerated or accepted. Such behaviour is not only sacrilegious but an affront to the sanctity of all places of worship,” the MP asserted.

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Anthony explained that while he is relieved that no one was hurt, it was a traumatising experience for those in attendance, parishioners, and other Catholics who would have remembered the distressing events at the Minor Basilica several years ago.

Dr. Anthony added;

“I am aware of reports that the arsonist is the same individual who had attempted to set the Pierrot Catholic Church on fire. Some have suggested that the individual is mentally challenged. While our collective humanity must reach out to this individual if that is indeed the case, we also have a duty to protect our society from such individuals and indeed such individuals from themselves. I can only hope that this experience will not be repeated anywhere in our island.”

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  1. Now you Kenny Anthony making a Statement Henry Did Something Similar to that Before the General Elections at Forestere Sevendays Church and he was the First to Comment on that Vieux.Fort Catholic Church Incident .The Guys use Religion as a Coverup for Corruption and Wickedness

  2. GOD :
    Now,remove the foreign gods and images from high places and altars.
    God’s sprit uses man (men) actively and powerfully to accomplish his purpose in man (men), through man to impact his words in the world to be as heirs together…..
    You who are left, who escape from the hand of the king….. “People of Israël,return to the LORD,the tribes that are your inheritance,the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israël (Jacob),
    that he will not turn his face from us, from town to town (tribe), but some of the people (tribe ) scorned and ridicule them and some of the people (tribe) humble themselves,and the hand of God was is upon them,us to give us and them UNITY OF MIND.

    Anyone of his people among you- May his or your God be with you !
    Everyone whose heart 💔 God has move-May you return to the LORD !
    May God, who has cause his name to dwell there,overthrow any King or people who lifts a hand to change his decrees or…..

    “My people have exchange their
    For worthless idols. Yet they are
    gods at all.
    Be appalled at this O heavens
    and shrudder with great horror”
    declares the LORD.

  3. It will continue to happen Dr. Anthony, if policies are not put in place for dealing with the mentally ill in our society.

  4. The sad thing is Dr Anthony it will continue to happen because mental sickness is an issue and very rampant in St Lucia and the authorities are turning a blind eye. This won’t be the last because we are not dealing with the problem. I’m sorry to say but too many mentally challenge people are patrolling the streets and we act like it is normal. It is when acts like these happen we act surprise but this is ongoing and noone has come up to tackle this problem.

  5. I totally agree with your comments Mr. Anthony but what is shocking is that you said nothing when a member of your political party ventured along a similar path. Are we talking out because this young man is from a poor background? It seems like in this country the law primarily applies to the

    While I do not condone the actions of the young man, I think he needs help since he appears to be mentally challenged. It should be noted that in both instances, he never ventured out to harm any one but rather, his focus was on destroying a statue. Irrespective his focus, we live in a society where one’s religious belief is sacred and should therefore be respected. As such his actions can never be right. I do hope though that he gets the help that he so badly needs to enable him to live peacefully amongst us. To lock him away permanently as has been advocated by some is not the answer. This situation and the many other situations involving mentally challenged persons should remind us that as a society, we have failed to put measures in place for their wellbeing. The only time we hear the usual useless garbage talk is sadly when such incidents occur. I therefore think that our energies would be better spent advocating for better treatment and the introduction of policies to deal with the mentally challenged, humanely.

  6. Thank you Dr. K. Anthony for a caring and learned statement: frankly I doubt this poor guy is alone in that. it could be that some person or persons in their twisted idea of who is responsible for their plight in life, used not ones, but a second time, shouting aloud by the voices within, using a simpleton to perform this outrageous and dastardly stupid and dangerous act on of all times, DEAR OLD MOTHERS’ DAY. Dear Lord, touch this young man.

  7. Attacks on places of worship are an abomination .
    The grotesque action which took place at the Imaculate Conception in Castries still lingers as one of the worst episodes in the Islands history .
    My thoughts are with the parishioners of the church in Vieux Forte.

    • ….and it will continue. Everybody thinks the Rass is mental because he choses to stand up against oppression; the people who choose to suck up the Catholic Church Doctrine day and night are really the mental enslaved.. Mental Slavery is the worst form of Slavery, it gives you the illusion of freedom, make you trust, love and DEFEND YOUR OPPRESSOR WHILE MAKING AN ENEMY OF THOSE TRYING TO FREE YOU OR OPEN THEIR EYES TO THEIR METABOLIC INSANITY. Why is only the Catholic Church been attacked ?? There are many different places of worship in St Lucia.


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