Sunday, September 25, 2022

Dr. Kenny Anthony Objects To Vieux Fort Young People Being Labelled ‘Lazy’

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Press Release:– Parliamentary Representative for Vieux-Fort South, Dr Kenny D. Anthony, has expressed strong objection to a news article written by Kingsley Emmanuel and published by “Loop Saint Lucia” on March 22, 2021, titled “Fast money: Business Owners say Vieux-Fort Young People are Lazy.”

In the article, the writer relies on undisclosed sources and two small business owners to paint a picture that young Vieux-Fortians lack ambition, do not wish to work, or where they do, their work ethic and output falls below that of other communities.

Dr. Anthony strongly rejects the article and the views expressed therein as nothing but the
misguided opinions of the individuals.

The Parliamentary Representative warned against using the personal experiences and interactions of two individuals to label the residents of an entire constituency in such a negative light.

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“It is disappointing and unacceptable that a news agency would publish such an article.
Stereotyping citizens is in fact a form of discrimination, howsoever disguised. People can
speak about their personal experiences and interactions with others. However, the
generalization and labeling of the young people of Vieux-Fort as lazy and aimless paints
a false picture of our Vieux-Fort community.

The town of Vieux-Fort is the employment centre for most of the south, so it is not
uncommon to find persons from various communities working and plying their trade in
Vieux-Fort on a daily basis. However, if you look around, Vieux-Fortians are very
involved and are leaders in various community building and business activities in our

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