Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Dr. Kenny Anthony ‘Recovering Well’ After Surgery

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, who recently underwent surgery, gave an update on his condition in a Facebook post.

He said he was recovering well and would soon be back on his feet.

Anthony’s complete message appears below:

“It’s no secret that six weeks ago, I had to undergo a surgical procedure.
Prior to and after my surgical procedure, I received many kind, generous and encouraging messages from my close friends and constituents. I am grateful to all. I thank one and all.

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Please be assured that I am recovering well, and will soon be on my feet again. Of course, I have to take one day at a time.

I thank my constituents who understood that I could not be with them as I would have liked to have been, as in times past.

If, after my recovery, you see a leaner and possibly younger-looking Kenny D. Anthony, be neither surprised nor alarmed. The message is simple: It’s never too late to make lifestyle changes.”

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  1. @Jade & Lucian Low Grade Firstly Jade if it was not our business he would not publicize it. Now no one has accused Kenny of doing liposuction. It was just my conclusion of someone who was fat, underwent a foot operation which would limit ones mobility, and is claiming to be lean in such short period of time. I never said that’s what he did. I will stick to my conclusion.

  2. I have never supported Kenny Anthony politically. Too much of his personality got in the way of good governance and he was too self absorbed to make rational decisions. As well as typical SLP leaders he did have the vindictive streak but nowhere near as bad as the characters now in power.
    Yet deep down I always knew he tried to do the right thing. With the power he had after 1997 he could have been a dangerous leader but his sense of fair play and what was correct always came into play. It became very clear with his reluctance to form part of this present notorious SLP Cabinet.

    So I wish him well in his quest for physical health. I hope he recovers slimmer and fitter than before to enjoy life to the fullest. And watch that diet: more protein and less carbs and get the exercize bike and treadmill.

  3. Yes Doc your public awaits you…..soon you will take your rightful place in parliament in the new year to give those clowns much to chat about. Those who claim you went for liposuction they themselves are in need of corrective surgery to correct their Johncrow feature.

  4. Lypo it is none of your business what operation he had. Kenny is by no means obligated to openly state what operation he had. Some of you saint lucians are just too nosy. Learn to stay out of other people’s private business. Whether he had liposuction, foot surgery or whatever he chose to have, I am sure he funded it from his own money so it is his business.

  5. Was the operation liposuction? A foot operation and in such a short time you are talking about being leaner. If it was a foot operation you probably couldn’t put weight/pressure on the foot for 2 months. How would you get leaner by just dieting? LIPOSUCTION

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