Dr. Kenny Anthony Says Hermangild Francis ‘A Monumental Failure’

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony, has strongly criticised National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, over the minister’s recent remarks in connection with crime.

Anthony’s criticism came in a statement Friday.

According to the statement, on May 26, 2021, DBS Television carried a response from Hermangild Francis  after  Anthony criticised the spiraling homicides and the helplessness of the Government in fighting crime.

Anthony’s statement latest statement on the matter is reproduced below:

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According to Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, the response by Senator Hermangild Francis is
disingenuous and is typical of a failure, of a person who could not meet the expectations of an office gifted to him.

“Firstly, Hermangild Francis and the Government of which he is part, promised the police officers that within six months in office, the fall-out from Impacs Report would disappear.

Five years on, this has not happened. Now he must find a scapegoat for misleading the public, members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and their families, for his lies and incompetence.

Did he not know that when he made his promises to police officers that, to use his own words, “it’s not an easy thing to remove the Leahy Law on any country that it has been imposed.”?

Moreover, says Dr. Anthony,
“Secondly, Hermangild Francis claims that I did not pass on a letter to the current Prime Minister, sent to me by the United States Government informing me “as to the reasons why the Leahy Law was imposed on us”.

Clearly, something must be wrong with Hermangild Francis. Everyone one else knows that the Leahy Law was imposed allegedly because the United States believed that security personnel in Saint Lucia committed acts of extra judicial killings, whether factual or not.

How much more disingenuous can Hermangild Francis get, if he does not know why the
Leahy Law was imposed”?

Dr. Anthony added,
“It is a serious matter to accuse a former Minister of hiding official correspondence. But what is worse is that Hermangild Francis had every opportunity to show me up. Surely, all he and his Prime Minister have to do is to ask the United States Government for a copy of the alleged letter”.

Dr. Anthony concluded:
“Hermangild Francis has been a monumental failure. He is a classic example of a square peg in a round hole. This is what happens when, for political reward, we decorate incompetency and betrayal with ministerial office.”

Headline photo: Dr. Kenny Anthony (l) & Hermangild Francis

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