Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Dr. Marcus Day Says His Extradited Son Was Treated Like A Terrorist

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Dr. Marcus Day believes his son who extradited from Saint Lucia to the United States was treated like a terrorist.

Day announced that the family is suing the government here for ‘serious damages’ over the affair.

Saint Lucia-born Sebastian Marcus Day, 27, was escorted back to the US  from Saint Lucia last week, after the court here denied his appeal.

US authorities said the former US Marine was wanted for possession of child pornography.

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Dr. Marcus Day believes the action taken here against his son was “a political thing against me.”

““They secreted him out of the country without any notification,” the father said Tuesday night in an interview with Cecile Actille of MBC Prime.

Marcus Day says his son was whisked away to Florida in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and treated like a terrorist.

“They filed the extradition order on the 31st of August. We never saw it – no one had the courtesy to call,” the father lamented.

He noted that he and his deceased wife had given their lives in service to Saint Lucia but the family was not afforded the courtesy of a phone call.

Dr. Day took issue with what he described as ‘ the hot language’ used in US reports regarding his son, indicating that the younger man was a fugitive from justice.

“He was not under arrest – nothing was charged against him at all when he left the United States and came back to Saint Lucia,” the father asserted.

He questioned why, if  Sebastian were a ‘dire criminal’ who needed a chartered plane to come to Saint Lucia to take him away, the US did not keep him in the first place.

“He has never touched anybody, there’s no sexual abuse charge – there’s the possession of photographs that he took from the internet though a file sharing mechanism,” Day disclosed.

He told MBC Prime that US authorities went to his son’s house with a social worker expecting to find a house with children in cages being sexually abused and photos being taken of them.

“If you go on line you find that a week later they had put a picture on line with a tag and they came to his house because his IP address was listed as one of the people – there were two sets of people, one set was white, one set was black. Guess who they came to first? Broke down his door and then left him.”

Day recalled urging his son to return to Saint Lucia.

He said he was having an operation and needed the son’s help.

According to reports, Sebastian came here in 2014.

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