Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Dr. Venus Cherry Heads New RISE Board Of Directors

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Dr. Venus Cherry is the new head of the board of directors of RISE St. Lucia Inc, the organisation has announced.

Former co-Director Dr. Stephen King explained that an organisation needs to always grow and evolve.

He recalled that for the past year RISE has been working with Cherry on a number of community initiatives.

King mentioned that they included providing electronic tablets and food to communities as a result of the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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He told St Lucia Times that working with Dr. Cherry and his team, RISE noted a ‘heart’ that resonated with the organisation.

King said this was in harmony with the RISE philosophy and spirit.

“We recognised an opportunity the take RISE to another level,” he explained.

As a result, King said he and Dr. Jacqueline Bird have stepped aside.

He noted that this would allow younger people with energy, new ideas and a similar philosophy to advance RISE.

“I think as leaders, that’s what we have to do,” King asserted.

“We have to pass the baton on to the younger generation. So we develop something, we grow something and then we pass it on for it to be taken to another level,” he told St Lucia Times.

However he expressed the view that by holding on to something, a person can smother it.

“Essentially I shed my tears,” King recalled.

He compared the situation to when a child leaves home.

“You have this fear of putting your child out there,” King stated.

But he said at the end of the day, the child has to go and grow.

“It’s a kind of happy and sad moment,” King explained.

And he disclosed that he and Dr. Bird will continue to work closely with the new RISE board.

The new RISE Director described his position as presenting a big challenge.

“When you take on an organisation of such prestige, it’s a big challenge of keeping up,”  Cherry told St Lucia Times.

He said the challenge involves not only keeping pace but expanding.

“Food stability is one of the biggest issues here in Saint Lucia,” he pointed out.

As a result, Cherry said the new board wants to ensure that RISE St. Lucia can be a partner to which people can come for help.

The new RISE St. Lucia board includes, in addition to Cherry, Davis Felix, Jonathan St Rose, Mindy- Luquiana Chicot and Nasa Edgar.

Also on the board are Trudy Popo-Leonce, Llana Casheena Casimir, Roberta Prudent and Betty Jean.


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