Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Driver On Duty Collapses And Dies One Day Before Birthday And Birth Of Daughter

The National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) and the drivers on the Vieux Fort to Soufriere route are in mourning, after a bus driver collapsed and died Wednesday while on duty.

NCOPT Vice President, Kentry Frederick, told St Lucia Times that had Oswald ‘Ossie’ Henry been alive Thursday, he would have had cause for a double celebration – his birthday and the birth of his daughter at St Jude Hospital.

But Frederick explained that tragedy struck as Henry was  on duty preparing to take passengers from Vieux ort to Soufriere.

The NCOPT Vice President told St Lucia Times that the deceased had complained of feeling unwell while at the bus stand on the Vieux Fort Laborie Highway.

“He didn’t go to the doctor because he felt it was under control,” the NCOPT Vice President recalled.

Frederick told St Lucia Times that after Henry collapsed, a colleague attempted to rush him to hospital.

But Henry did not make it, he explained.

The NCOPT official described the death as a great loss.

He described Henry as a jovial person and a model driver.

According to Frederick, the deceased was in his mid-forties.

He expressed the view that had Henry taken off with a bus load of passengers and succumbed while at the wheel, it could have been a disaster.

Frederick declared that the sudden, unexpected death had hit the Route 4F drivers who ply the Vieux Fort to Soufriere route hard.

He disclosed that Henry was a former President of the Vieux Fort-Soufriere Mini Bus Drivers Association.

“We will be seeking assistance from the commuting public on the day of his funeral in terms of the adjustment that we would like to make, because all 4F operators would like to attend the funeral service,” Frederick told St Lucia Times.

He expressed the view that substitute buses from nearby routes may have to be asked to service the Vieux Fort to Soufriere route during that period.


  1. Condolences to the family and heartfelt sadness on not seeing his first born…I would like for the bus drivers on that route to stop that hatred against their colleague.. make amends..reunite with each other..we are nothing in this world…here today gone tomorrow. .it’s not nice to see drivers passing each other on the way and turn a hateful eye at each other..how would you feel knowing that that person died hating you..come on. Let bygones be bygones

  2. Ozzie was an awesome driver; very well mannered. A great loss indeed. He will be missed.
    May your soul rest in peace Slammer.

  3. Southern Minibus Co Operative Society Ltd’s staff would like to convey our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Oswald Hernry he was a member of our family and will surely be missed. Rest in Perfect Peace Slammer

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