Driving Instructors bring road safety to schools

The National Association of Driving Schools has begun a programme of road safety instruction in schools.

The Public Relations Officer of the Association, Kingson Jean, told the Times that the idea is to eventually have road safety instruction in all schools in Saint Lucia.

For the past  few weeks the programme has been concentrated at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS).

Yesterday the association conducted a fourth session with students there.

“We intend to do all forms at that school there teaching the students how they can use the road better, because we realize that in order to change the mind set of our society we have to start with our younger people,” Jean asserted.

He disclosed that lectures cover topics including how to use a seat belt, texting and driving, walking and using mobile telephones  and the use of drugs and alcohol while driving.

Jean told the Times that the CCSS had accepted his association’s invitation to visit the institution to conduct the lectures.

He said the first such programme was conducted at the Babonneau Secondary school.

Jean said flyers are distributed to students as part of the exercise.

“They can’t wait for our next session,” he said of the reaction by the students to the programme which is conducted every Thursday morning at the CCSS for forty-five minutes from 8:15 am.