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Driving Instructors Frustrated Over Processing Of Permits

Saint Lucia driving instructors are frustrated because there are not sufficient clerks at the ministry of Transport to process permits, former President of the National Association of Driving Schools (N.A.D.S), Kingson Jean, has complained.

Jean, who currently serves as Secretary of N.A.D.S, says this issue has been going on from the start of the year and getting is getting worse.

“Persons who did their theory exam 4 weeks ago can’t get their results,” he lamented.

“Out of the 3 clerks the ministry have at present to service the general public, 2 are apprentices -just getting to learn the job,” Jean stated.

According to the N.A.D.S official, sometimes the clerks work through their lunch hour and after the ministry is closed, they stay back until  5:30 pm trying to process the backlog of permits.

However he observed that no one is seeing the necessity of hiring a few more clerks.

Jean noted that the examiner in the South does not have a computer available to put in entries after he has corrected theory exams.

He explained that as a result, the examiner has to take all the documents and travel to Union to put in those entries, further delaying the process.

“The ministry for years have been operating with one printer to print licence cards – hundreds in a day. The work load is way too much for that one small printer, so it breaks down regularly. This printer only costs $1,500 US. The more heavy duty ones cost between 11,000 US and 20,000 US,” the former N.A.D.S President said.

He lamented that person have to sometimes wait up to 4 months to get a card.

“Sometimes they have to travel and some countries won’t allow them to drive on a receipt.
The minister of Transport knows of the issue. The permanent secretary Claudius Francis knows of the issue. But they cant seem to find it of importance to allocate $1,500 US for a second printer,” Jean declared in a statement to St Lucia Times.


  1. But they can charge you for renewal of an unsed license(ex: if your license expired 2018 and you renew in 2020 its only valid for 1 year as you still have to pay for the 2 unused years) and no one says nothing to that as if that’s normal daylight ROBBERY.

  2. The backlog exists because some genius in the Licensing department came up with the brilliant idea that the Government can make a killing by introducing a two step process to get a license. The individual who passes the driving test in a manual vehicle is qualified to drive an automatic vehicle, however the individual who passes the test in an automatic vehicle must do a second test if he/she wishes to drive a manual vehicle. This is stupid but it’s a neat scheme for Driving schools to make more money and for the Licensing department to generate revenue.Traffic Rules and regulations remain standard for both automatic and manually driven vehicles so why two tests. True; driving a manually propelled vehicle requires a higher level of competency and the licensing department can easily require drivers with “Automatic” licenses to carry a special license for two to three years before issuing them with a regular license. St.Lucia is in merry go round mode. Lots of movement and no action.

  3. This is true,the fact that it is more dificult to drive a manual car is the key problem.The action of working the clutch and the eccelerator,to create the movement of the car is something that many take a long time to master.A lazy driver will never drive a manual vehicle.Learning how to drive should start with a ,manual car like it or not.Learn the hard things first,the rest just comes as a walk in the park.

  4. The driving instructors has been the worst I have seen in a long time . they are on their mobile phones while they are supervising their students . if the students are taught wrong how are you expecting them to be great driver , many of them do not obey the tragic road signs As for ministry of in -frustration ,they really know how to frustrate you .

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