Driving Schools Association ‘Did Not Sanction’ Protest Action

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The National Association of Driving Schools (NADS), has distanced itself from what was described as ‘protest action’ as indicated in videos posted on social media.

NADS issued a statement on the issue after reports that police held two driving instructors and a student for obstructing traffic.

Driving instructors are known to be concerned over a decision to suspend theory and practical examinations.

“While members and non-members of the association are patiently waiting for exams to resume this month, the National Association of Driving Schools did not sanction a protest action as per the videos that have gone viral today,” the association declared in a statement Tuesday.

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The statement noted that Sunday 29th November marked one month since the notice of suspension of exams on 29th October from the Ministry of Transport.

It disclosed that  the last correspondence received from the Ministry on Monday 30th November indicated that the protocols proposed for Driving schools are now with the Environmental Health Department for review and approval.

According to the NADS statement, there are protocols that were outlined in the list of guidelines that the driving school sector is not in total agreement with, as other guidelines listed cover the intended risk.

“Such guidelines include the lining of the car seat with disposal paper during examinations and changing it after every exam. We believe that this will be an additional expense for instructors and that other guidelines like disinfecting the car seats after each exam reduce the risk more effectively,” it was observed.

NADS noted that the Ministry of Transport would normally close off theory and practical exams in mid-December.

However, it recalled that Minister Guy Joseph has assured the driving school sector that once given the green light by the Chief Medical Officer and the Environmental Health Department to resume exams in December, the exam period will be extend through to the end of the year 2020.

Headline photo (Screen grab from video posted on social media): Student drivers, driving very slowly,  occupy both lanes holding up traffic along John Compton Highway.

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