Drugs ‘Not Ruled Out’ As Motive In Babonneau Double Homicide

Saint Lucia police have not ruled out drugs as a motive in last week’s double homicide in Babonneau, a senior law enforcement official has said.

The victims were identified as Thorne Sylvaine and Gavin Willie.

“We cannot rule out drugs because there have been a lot of drug issues in the area for the past week,” a law enforcement official told St Lucia Times.

Residents of Boguis, Babonneau, reported hearing gunshots being fired on Friday night shortly before midnight.

On Saturday morning, police received a report of the two bodies being discovered on the ground.

Photos posted on social media showed one of the bodies lying next to a firearm which police said they recovered from the scene.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded three homicides for the year.


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  2. That Double Homicide have Nothing to Do with Politics .Anytime Persons Get Drugs on the Sea Shore .So called Criminals From all over the Island Comes around to Act as the Owners of the Drugs because they know persons who have it in their posession cannot make a Report to the police when it’s Taken away from them .So that’s the Issue with that Double Homicide .Double Crossing .Betrayal and Stealing Caused this Double Homicide .

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