Wednesday, January 29, 2020

DSH protest march planned for April 30

Press Release:-The Vieux-Fort Concerned Citizens Coalition for Change (VF4Cs) is pleased to announce to residents of Vieux-Fort and other citizens of St. Lucia that it will be staging a National Protest March in Vieux-Fort, on Sunday 30th. April on the proposed DSH Project.

The March begins at the Vieux-Fort Square from 3:00 p.m. and will follow a prescribed route, approved by the Police Commissioner, up to Sandy Beach and then back to the Vieux-Fort Square.

The March will conclude with short addresses to be delivered by some well-known personalities.

This National Protest March organized by the Vieux-Fort Concerned Citizens Coalition for Change is being held in conjunction with I WILL STAND and the Concerned Citizens of St. Lucia. The primary objective is to publicly express its position regarding the proposed DSH Project for Vieux-Fort and the refusal of the Prime Minister of St. Lucia to engage Vieux-Fort residents in discussion on how the project will affect them.  

This DSH Project presents a myriad of serious concerns to the residents of Vieux-Fort including the nearly 900 acres of prime investment lands to be given to one developer for 99 years; the potential loss of sustainable livelihoods of farmers, fishermen, livestock keepers, bee-keepers, etc.; the establishment of the Equine Disease Free Zone (EDFZ); the major dislocation to and subsequent relocation of residential communities such as Bruceville and Bacadere; the future of locally-owned business operations within the project zone and the EDFZ; protection of public access of beaches; the Buy Back Clause; sale of St. Lucian Passports to finance the DSH project; guaranteed jobs, investment opportunities and other  economic benefits of the DSH to St. Lucia; and potential negative impacts on the environment, among others.

The DSH Project poses significant economic, social, developmental and environmental risks to the entire nation of St. Lucia and the Vieux-Fort Concerned Citizens will continue to, through the National Protest March and other planned activities, raise and heighten awareness of the issues and encourage all St. Lucians to unite in sending this message to the Prime Minister of St. Lucia: WE WANT A BETTER DEAL – RENEGOTIATE THIS DEAL – WE DESERVE BETTER. (see poster attached)

Participants must be self-sustained, must walk with their own drinks, water and food and are free to provide their own placards. Participants are also strongly urged to wear BLUE, WHITE OR BLACK tops.


  1. What is the better deal which you ask for?
    please inform me of the better deal. what aspects should be change.
    I am not going to just come and follow you people like sheep just because I have some concerns myself. i eh walking in the streets for you to push your agenda, mr organiser. Please inform me who the speakers are. What jab en sac is this.

  2. The article states “The March will conclude with short addresses to be delivered by some well-known personalities.” So What?
    It’s pathetic — the group is trying to use the tactic of so-called ‘star power’ to get people out to attend. The views of “well-known personalities” are no less and no more valid than the views of anyone else on this, or any other issue.
    We live in a wonderfully functional democracy and, if we each so choose, have to the choice of not, like sheep in a herd, blindly proxying our views to be potentially misrepresented through the so-called Concerned Citizens group. This sounds more like Citizens Concerned For Their Party.
    This should be a bi-partisan discussion that does not run up very uninformed ladders of inference predicting this as a harbinger of gloom. All projects have their benefits and their costs, like everything else we take decisions on in life. There are always trade-off’s. That’s the way it is, welcome to reality. DSH is a bold vision for our nation. And let’s all be honest, the Vieux Fort region has languished in complacence for decades, despite having tremendous potential that has, sadly, remained unharnessed (no pun intended).
    Had the Rodney Bay development been proposed in this day and age, there would have been the same, or more protest. That said, in hindsight, there would be very few that would now deny that the development helped put the island on the world map and arguably become the island’s economic heartbeat. The Vieux Fort region has that same tremendous potential.
    Based on the information publicly available to date, this group has not shown themselves to be transparent, despite their seemingly ill-informed use of the term “governance” in who is funding them and who the back-room, behind the scenes, seeming ‘puppet-masters’ steering it are.
    Rather, instead we have the choice of directly contacting our elected officials by voice, in person, Facebook/social-media, and e-mail to let them know what each and everyone what our individual opinions are, and not be diluted or misrepresented through a populist movement of questionable motive.
    It is up to each and every one of us to directly engage our elected officials and provide our input to the dialogue and decisions taken.
    As voters, each has a voice and each has their unique value to add in where our nation goes and what nation we will leave for our children. And it’s not through the Citizens Concerned For Their Party.
    Opportunities as follows:
    Office of the Prime Minister:
    — PM’s Secretary: (758) 453-7352
    — Cabinet Secretary: (758) 468-2115
    — Press Room: (758) 468-2405
    — E-mail: [email protected]
    — Twitter:
    — Facebook:
    Get Involved. Ask More. Be Heard.

  3. Johnny thinks most entertainers have no clue on anything but entertaining, don’t ask them anything which requires any critically thought, ignore their answer as it will be pure nonsense.


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