Earl & Countess of Wessex Postpone Grenada Trip

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The Grenada leg of the Earl and the Countess of Wessex’s Caribbean tour has been postponed, a day before their week-long trip begins.

The decision was made after talks with the island’s government and governor general, Buckingham Palace said.

Prince Edward and Sophie will still visit other islands on the tour to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

It comes after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were criticised for some parts of their recent Caribbean tour.

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A Buckingham Palace source said discussions were held with host nations to ensure the itinerary would meet the aims of the tour, which are to celebrate the islands and mark the Queen’s 70-year reign.

Within those discussions, Grenada – on the advice of Dame Cecile La Grenade, its governor general and the Queen’s representative in the country – suggested a postponement.

Prince Edward and Sophie hope to visit the island at a later date, the palace said.

Their tour of three Caribbean nations – St Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Antigua and Barbuda – will begin on Friday.

In March, part of Prince William and Catherine’s Caribbean tour was axed after opposition from locals. The pair had been due to visit a cacao farm in the foothills of the Maya Mountains but it was removed from the couple’s schedule following reports of a protest opposing the royal trip.

Other moments on their tour were criticised as public relations missteps – for example a Land Rover trip that was described as having a colonial appearance, and the greeting of local children through a wire fence.

Grenada gained independence from the UK in 1974 when Eric Gairy became the island’s first prime minister.

The National Democratic Congress, a liberal opposition party, has previously said it would put the question of whether the Queen should be head of state to a referendum. It also congratulated the prime minister of Barbados for having taken this step ahead of the island becoming a republic last year.

The press secretary for the prime minister’s office in Grenada said there was a mutual agreement between the parties to postpone the visit.

During the upcoming tour, Prince Edward will conduct an investiture on behalf of the Queen and the couple will attend a service to mark the Platinum Jubilee.

The couple are due to meet local communities, Commonwealth Games athletes, craftspeople and women in leadership roles during their trip.

Source: BBC News

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  1. GAWD! Those people need some sun in the worst way. They too white. Go take a tan. Hard on the eyes.

  2. They must have picked the island with the most bootlicking, self hating black people to visit first. Of course they will come to St. Lucia, we will roll out the red carpet for the massas, no protest, no values no self respect here .

    • Wow! What a description of our people! It’s funny how conolalism has never the island and the minds of the people are still stuck with the massa mentality!! White man/woman have money and they will give them a dollar or say $20 and they will be grateful and lick that boot!!!đŸ¤®đŸ¤¢

  3. Well done Grenada, well done, the people are tired and are awake to this Colonial Tribulation of 400yrs. How long do these fools think they can enforced their dominance slave mentality on Black People…….and that is exactly what it is “A REMINDER” to enforced mental slavery upon us as to who we should be STILL BOWING TO in the year O Lord 2022, it’s disgusting and a disgrace. Then you have some MASSA BWAY (Grown Ass) who still relish at the thought of their visit, how it will “do wonders for our tourism” ” we will enjoy much needed “Exposure” as if to say in this digital world of today nobody knows of St Lucia. He/they are so programed to this mental slavery is unbelievable. left to him/them we should remain in bondage forever.

  4. Prince HARRY would be welcomed; the poor guy was and is given a hard time because he married a non white, in their eyes, the couple are a progressive lot and that style wont do for the stiff upbringing of the Royals. (I recognize only one Prince, ‘the Prince of Peace’ )

  5. honestly its nice to see people of that stature if you do get a chance to see them cause that is a once in a life time like for instance if the queen came to saint Lucia i would want to see her with my own eyes just to say i saw the queen of England but I don’t see why each time they want o take a trip to the Caribbean every time there is some special event after all what they did to us. i dont see them taking trips to help when countries have natural disasters. When those prisoners in one of those british islands prison got damaged we had to accommodate these prisoners in our own cells and they did nothing to help.

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