Wednesday, February 19, 2020

ECCAA Under Fire From Saint Lucia Minister

The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) has come under fire from Saint Lucia Civil Aviation Minister, Guy Joseph.

Joseph said the organisation operates as an entity unto itself.

“The issues with ECCAA particularly are of concern to us,” Joseph told a press briefing Monday.

He disclosed that while Saint Lucia is not in receipt of all the official communication, it is understood that this country has been downgraded from category one to a category two.

The minister explained that this has implications for airlines coming to Saint Lucia.

“When you are a category two it has implications for the cost of the insurance of the airlines coming here,” Joseph told reporters.

He asserted that while this country is on a growth path in terms of the number of airlines visiting and stay over visitors, ECCAA continues to operate as if it is a power unto itself.

According to Joseph, ECCAA does not consider that Saint Lucia has sourced out its requirements for civil aviation to them and they are acting on behalf of the state.

He asserted that the state still retains its rights.

“The way we interpret what is happening is that ECCAA is coming across as if it is the entity unto itself – it’s the power by itself,” Joseph declared.

“Recently we understood there was an issue with Saint Vincent,” he disclosed.

Joseph said Saint Lucia has been trying to convene a meeting of all OECS Civil Aviation Ministers to see if at that level, an update can be obtained.

He made it clear he would not speculate about the reason for Saint Lucia’s downgrade.

“But when I look at what is there, you will have to fail some basic tests – whether it be security, safety or something, to be downgraded and because ECCAA is downgraded, every country under ECCAA is downgraded,” the Saint Lucia minister told reporters.

“So whether we met all of the requirements and one person was in breach, that caused the downgrade, it affects all of us in the process,” Joseph noted.

He recalled that Saint Lucia has raised the issue in the past.





  1. Guy lies again should be the headlines. Can you imagine Guy says:He asserted that while this country is on a growth path in terms of the number of airlines visiting … “.Growth path in terms of number of airlines visiting? Wow!
    Now, can you imagine a Minister making noise about something and then admitting he does not have the facts he will find out later. Isn’t that the behaviour of an idiot? Intelligence will tell you that you find the facts first and then comment. Imagine after cursing the ECCAA, he admits that one of the territories might be default hence the reason for the upgrade.
    However, how can we be surprised when the same guy public stated that government will defy the legally instituted DCA?

  2. You don’t have the specifics but you are admonishing the organization. MP Joseph i don’t think you would like that treatment for your administration so don’t complain until you have official statements

  3. Wow…just wow! Instigating possible falsehoods yet admitting that he has no facts…the ECCAA is being thrown under the bus! Do these politicians get hands on training from our neighbours to the north?

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