ECCO Urges Music Users To Apply For Licences

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The Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights (ECCO), says that the revival of the entertainment industry in the sub-region is beneficial to music creators and users.

However, it says the music creators must get compensation for the use of their intellectual property.

Therefore it has urged  music users to apply for public performance licences from the organisation.

According to ECCO, music plays an essential role in the livelihood of both parties.

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As a result, ECCO has reminded all music users in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) that they require a public performance licence for hosting events, cable and television broadcasting, and public performances at businesses, irrespective of the method of transmission or quantity used.

It warned that music users would incur liability for copyright infringement without a licence.

ECCO Officer in Charge Keen Cotter disclosed that within the OECS, compliance ‘leaves a lot to be desired’ although better than a few years ago.

Cotter told St Lucia Times that there are currently matters before the court while there have been legal settlements in other instances.

He explained that ECCO is a songwriter organisation representing authors of lyrics and composers of music.

“Being a member of a society like ECCO, we represent the commercial rights to your composition so you give us permission to collect royalties on your behalf so whenever your music is played in the world, we collect through reciprocal agreements with those societies around the world on your behalf. Imagine if you had to do that on your own, that would be really difficult,” Cotter declared.

He also revealed that ECCO offers relief to its members when necessary, recalling that the society did so in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

And Cotter said the organisation supports members in court matters.


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