Press Release:–   Opposition Senator Guibion Fernand recently called for a greater demonstration of investment and interest in the island’s human resources.

During the 2018 Appropriations Debate, Senator Ferdinand said while investments in the country’s physical infrastructure are necessary, developing the island’s citizenry is equally as important.

“It’ is not about the bridges and the roads, these are important; [equally so is] that your people are well placed for prosperity,” he said.

Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet indicated his agreement. He said investing in the people is one of four major areas of priority in his government’s thrust to build a new Saint Lucia during the remaining three budget cycles.

“As a government our duty is to provide our citizens with an education that will equip them to seize the opportunities that are available in a growing economy; provide access to quality health care and housing; foster innovation and entrepreneurship; and to provide a social safety net for the vulnerable,” he explained. “These are the things we are committed to. My administration is firm in its view that the empowerment of our young people is pivotal to the building of resilience in our country. They have a central role to play as an agent of change in the building of a new Saint Lucia. It is a role they must assume now, not somewhere in the distant future and we as the current leaders must not only embrace this philosophy, but initiate concrete actions to foster and nurture a climate of inclusion and empowerment.”

The prime minister added that it is essential for the youth to develop a mindset of service excellence, and to nurture a mentality of service to community and to country.