Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has asserted that his predecessor in office – Doctor Kenny Anthony, did not listen to anybody.

Chastanet was discussing plans for the creation of a new tax structure for this country.

“We have to create a more effective system to allow us to protect the most vulnerable in our society and create growth,” the Prime Minister asserted.

He explained that a tax which does not allow the economy to grow is ultimately going to lead to the  economy’s  demise.

Chastanet raised questions about whether it was Value Added Tax (VAT) that caused Doctor Kenny Anthony to lose the last general elections or a failure to put an effective tax system in place.

“He did not listen to anybody,” the Prime Minister stated.

“Everybody said we were in a recession – to go fifteen percent and the way the tax was structured would create a recession and that is exactly what it did. All the business people were telling him that but he refused to accept any advice, Chastanet declared about the imposition of VAT.

He disclosed that his administration is sitting down with the business people to figure out ways to ensure that the business sector remains competitive.

Chastanet, an Economist, noted that if the business sector remains uncompetitive Saint Lucia would be signing its death warrant.

The Prime Minister was Timothy Poleon’s guest last night on the DBS Television programme – Newsmaker Live.