Former President of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), Kingsley St Hilll, has urged that public servants be paid a just wage, ahead of negotiations between trade unions and the government for the 2016-2019 period.

He defined a just wage as a wage that enables a worker to take care of his family.

Just this week, another former CSA President, Mary Isaac,  who is currently Saint Lucia’s Minister of Health and Wellness, urged trade unions not to bite the hand that feeds them while they stand up for their rights.

St Hill noted that trade unions have been called upon over the years to make sacrifices.

“Remember things were bad, the economy was not growing,” he told St Lucia Times.

The former trade union leader noted that Saint Lucia was close to being pushed into an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

St Hill said that Isaac, who was then President of the CSA, urged the government to go after hotels that were owing occupancy and other taxes.

He declared that Isaac’s suggestion was a good one at the time.

“What has changed now that she is in government?” St Hill asked.

He recalled that Isaac and the then CSA administration advised that Saint Lucia’s overseas embassies be downsized.

But St Hill declared that there is evidence that the contrary is currently the case although Isaac is in government.

“Now, when she made the statement not to bite the hand that feeds you, I agree with that. I think every single person would agree that you must not bite the hand that feeds us, but every trade unionist should know that their role is to further the interests of their members,” St Hill asserted.

“This economic pie which foreigners enjoy – the Syrians are enjoying, the Indians are enjoying, now the Chinese are enjoying. The local people – especially those who are administering the rules and regulations that conduct the economic affairs, the social affairs of the people of Saint Lucia, they must get part of the pie,” he told St Lucia Times.




  1. Relax Bro. We do not want to hear from you. People like you has made yourselves known as being disingenuous

  2. This is a most puzzling phenomenon to me. We love the people who hate us and hate the people who love us. Mr. St. Hill’s comments, in my opinion, are reasonable and fair. Civil servants are due for an increase as the cost of goods and services are constantly rising.

  3. Many of the wages for so consultants and contractors have interested. Cost of hiring artisans have increased then why marginalize public officers.

    • Public servants have earned for themselves a reputation for being lazy. Work starts at 8. Try calling at 8.30 and they don’t answer the phones because they are having breakfast and chatting at each others desks until 9 or 930. I know what I am talking about because one, I worked in the public service, and two, I have been to other offices and this is what I have observed.

      Files sit on their desks for days and weeks before they attend to it. When you call they tell you it’s with so and so, and the story goes on. They sit chatting on personal calls for over 30 minutes or if they are standing there while a phone is ringing they will never venture to pick it up. Many of them have other businesses which they leave the government office to go and manage during the day, or they are walking through town on their private business when they should be at work. Worse yet, the days they supposed to be at work they call in sick and go liming in places they should not be with people’s husbands.

      They complain about the public asking for too much information, because they have to go and do research to satisfy the consumer. If you are one of the few who are efficient, the criticize you and look for all ways to victimize you. These are the reasons I left.

      So tell me….why should they get an increase? Is it really justified? I think not.

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