The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) spokesman on Tourism and Investment, Ernest Hilaire, has described as ‘a major disappointment’, reports that the Mercury Beach event is moving back to Martinique.

The event dates back on July 2013 when it was held in Martinique and four subsequent ones were held in Saint Lucia.

It was first held on the beach of Pigeon Island National Park.

Ernest Hilaire told St Lucia Times that the government of this country and Tourism Minister, Dominic Fedee, owe the people of Saint Lucia an explanation.

He noted that Mercury Beach brought thousands of French visitors to this country, injecting considerable sums of money into the local economy.

“Car rentals, the malls and even Gros Islet Friday night, you could not get anything to eat or drink on that particular weekend,” the Castries South MP observed.

“I think we should express concern and seek answers as to why the government is not supporting the hosting of the event in Saint Lucia – we need details and it is time that the Minister of Tourism and the Tourism Authority provide a very clear account to Saint Lucians as to why an event that was seen as hugely successful and a contributor to our local economy, is no longer being hosted in Saint Lucia,” Hilaire told St Lucia Times.

Mercury Beach, when it was hosted here, was billed as an upmarket event with the primary objective of providing a unique beach experience to Saint Lucians and visitors.

The target markets for organizers included French territories like Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Maarten.

The event included gourmet cuisine, premium drinks and entertainment.

According to news reports, the event attracted  7,000 visitors and over 600 vessels in 2016, with a direct economic impact estimated at  at EC $12.1 million.



  1. Opposition does not give answers but they want answers. We as a nation are trying to be virtuous and Mercury Beach is just a little too scandalous for us. (Too much nastiness)

    • Lol smh “too much nastiness” yet Ubaldus is still a minister? Please sit down! the current administration cannot claim any leverage on morality.Mr Ubaldus himself said as much in cabinet.

  2. When you come clean on Juffali, they you will be given attention. Until then, put a lid on it.

  3. Cause “JACK” don’t want me to watch busts on my beach
    “JACK” tell them to keep Mercury outta reach
    “Jack” tell dem , it will never make de grade

    Dat cyan happen here in this country
    I want Jack to know that Mercury Beach belong to we
    dah cyan happen here, OVER MY DEAD BODY
    Tell big guts JACK “GABBY” say dat Mercury belong to we

  4. Isn’t Mercury Beach a privately organized event which was left no place to go because of issues in Martinique? They have sorted out their differences and have now apparently returned home. Where the hell did Hilaire get that figure of $12. million over a weekend? Stop making up numbers. Now answer about Juffali and the SUV you spoke about. This time show the real papers.


  5. Martinique did not want it nor did Guadeloupe…..because of the nature of what it promotes……there should be nothing political about that…let us stop selling st.lucia’s soul for a dollar

  6. And jazz was a disappointment… jazz for locals…no jazz on the square or fond d or…very sad..

  7. as far as i know mercury beach was brought for a period of three years if am wrong correct me the time has come to move on and that they did
    why hasn’t honest heliare given us an explanation on the jufali saga

  8. Right now I’ ashamed for my fellow St.Lucian’s who don’t see that all that is good and bringing revenue to the locals is been taking away. Jazz and Mercury Beach was bringing revenue to many people. But your’ll will support a horse racing track that only brings money to Teoh Ah King and Chastnet.

  9. Mercury Beach needs to pay their back taxes! I hear they under investigation for evading duties as well. A private promoter not hosting an event has nothing to do with govt. tell Ernest come again. Why doesn’t he call on the organizers to pay their due when they are in our country? Ernest you just want to women in thongs.

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